1.  Cardio 30 minutes per day 3 to 4 times a week
3.  Weight Training (will be posting a nice program later this week)
4.  Walk up the stairs instead of using the lift (yes cliche but it really makes a difference)
5.  Start with project “training for a goal” with measurable achievement and fitness goals at a set time/Date eg. completing a marathon, bringing your fitness levels up to a certain percentage
6.  Drink 8 glasses of water per day
7.  Exfoliate for a smooth skin appearance and healthy blood circulation
8.  Freeze leftovers for a meal for another day instead of keeping it in the fridge and “snacking” on it the whole time
9.  Join a gym in Winter there are loads of joining membership fee specials over this time of year.
10.  Invest in gorgeous winter training kit.  Nothing like looking awesome to motivate you to strut your stuff at the gym!  Also keeping warm will keep the bugs away so no more excuses not to train!  Also wear protective clothing like hats and gloves for the appropriate weather conditions.
………and just one extra DO WEAR SUNSCREEN!  Just because its winter doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t shine and do damage!
Don’t do;

1.  …second helpings rather have an extra glass of water and wait twenty minutes after each meal to give enough time for your brain to register that you have in fact eaten.
2.  …Latte’s and Cuppachino’s do Coffee in stead (plus it saves you a couple of bucks for that smashing new summer dress) Cadbury’s also make a delicious low cal hot chocolate that works wonders instead of indulging in a slab!
3.  …clothes with stretchy elastics always know where your weight is going and if you are growing vertically (ignorance is not bliss) keep taps on it!
4.  …binge days rather have a day where you choose one thing that you will have as a cheat snack instead of letting go and then feeling like you have “failed” your plan.
5.  …choose all you can eat buffet’s and then try and get “value for your money” rather eat somewhere where you really enjoy at a portion you can manage.
6.  …opt for creamy soups go for chicken beef and tomato based soups instead.
7.  …leave your training program until a month before summer and set unrealistic goals for yourself (this will only cause frustration and disappointment) stick to your training program through the season.
8.  …forget to supplement with Vitamin C.  Getting flue puts you off course with your training program and could cause you to only get back into it in summer.
9.  …white foods opt for brown or whole-wheat in stead.  Also don’t forget about salads, its nice in summer but there are also fabulous warm salads for winter months!
10.  …over indulge in booze and eating… use this time to go on a nice detox by the time summer arrives you will be glowing and radiant (you can thank me later)