There is really no easy way to live healthier and more active apart from deciding to do it and then going for it.  There is a couple of hacks I live by all the time to make my fitness routine less effort and more lifestyle orientated.  Here they are, I hope you find them useful!

Wear a Step-counter

It is sometimes hard to schedule exercise into your daily routine.  Wearing a step counter or Pedometer serves as a reminder to get a couple of extra steps in.  Challenge yourself to reach bigger goals every day by walking around the office or parking further away from where you need to be.  Your results might not be instantaneous but little by little you will see a difference.

Stand More

Most fitness devices also have a reminder to stand function.  The reason for this functionality, is because they know how important it is to keep your body moving and burning kilojoules.  It’s hard to fathom that something simple as standing instead of sitting can help your body use more energy but all the small things add up.

Active Work Meetings

This is my best hack yet!  Sneak activity in at work by convincing your co-workers to participate in some type of exercise when you are having one on one meetings.  Try going for a walk and chatting or even schedule a gym meeting.  This is quite new age and a trend at the moment in big-rush cities.  You can start trying this even with your friend catch-ups

Break It Up

If the thought of an hour at gym sounds like a lot of effort, why don’t you break your routine up.  Like Henry Ford used to say, a big job becomes a manageable job once you break it up into little jobs.  If you do cardio in the morning by going for a 30 minute walk, you can stretch at lunchtime and do a quick 30 minute workout when you get home using your own body weight.   It’s better to do even a segment of your workout than to skip it altogether.  All or nothing attitudes is not productive when it comes to exercise.

Wake up to Train

Make your mission first thing when you open your eyes to exercise.  It might be great hitting the snooze button, but if you work out first thing in the morning there is no way you can talk yourself out of it.  That way your body will also still be in fast mode which will help you oxidise stored fat better.

Alarm and Phone Separation

Keep your alarm/phone in the room next door or the other side of your bedroom.  You will HAVE to get up to switch it off and helps to get you out of bed to wake up and train as per point above.

Consistency is Key

Not a morning person?  That’s ok, your body can adapt to any exercise routine as long as it’s consistent at the same time every day according to research.  We have learned that early morning is best so try training in the morning first thing.

Chuck the Junk

This is my number one all time MUST.   Trigger foods need to be chucked.  When you arrive home and you are starving you are more likely to reach for a packet of chips than to cook a healthy meal.  Except if the packet of chips is still in the store.   Rather buy healthy snacks that are ready to eat.  I stock up on raw nuts and fruit, as well as simple things like avo on rye, or cooked chicken breasts.

Choose a Smaller Plate

When you dish up use a smaller plate.  This will help you to eat up to 20% less.  No second helpings allowed though.

Over Analysing Is a Good Thing

It is hard to avoid cravings.  They come in leaps and bounds triggered by things like emotions, cravings, menstrual cycles, pregnancy etc.  It helps to not just act on a craving and take a minute to analyse why you are craving something in particular.  Check in with yourself, how are you feeling?  What is happening in your life?  Might this be the reason for the craving?  Is it hunger or something else?  Drink some water, move around, wait ten minutes.  This will make a massive difference 90% of the time the craving will go away and you will form new healthier habits.

 Its not the big things you do once off that makes all the difference.  It’s the little things you do daily