The following 12 Fat Burning Tips will give you the edge when it comes to getting the most out of your workout. The way you lift weights or how you perform your cardiovascular exercises has a gigantic effect on the amount of fat you lose.

Eight Fat Burning Tips For Weight Lifting

#1 of Fat Burning Tips ~ Lifting Heavy vs Lifting Light

Lifting Heavy

EPOC (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption) is the benefit you’ll receive when you lift heavy. EPOC will increase your resting metabolism as long as 48 hours after a workout in some cases. Which means you will be burning more fat as a result after your workout.

Another benefit from lifting heavy is the time you spend in the gym will be less because the intensity is increased compared to when you lift light.

Lifting Light

While lifting heavy will burn more calories post workout, lifting light will burn more calories during your workout. By lifting lighter, you will be able to workout for a longer duration which will lead to an increase in calories usage.

Best of Both Worlds

Both of these fat burning tips for lifting heavy and lifting light will receive great results on their own. However, to get the best of both worlds and really amp up your fat burning potential, I would recommend combining the two. Start out doing 2 sets with heavy weight and finish off with 2 sets of light weight. The results will be incredible.

#2 of Fat Burning Tips ~ Reduce Rest

Decreasing the rest intervals between your sets will dramatically increase the amount of calories you burn. A recent study showed that when a person rested for 30 seconds as opposed to 3 minutes, they burn 50 percent more calories.

Reducing the rest intervals between sets can be used in any bodybuilding technique and can be combined with any of the fat burning tips.

#3 of Fat Burning Tips ~ Forced Reps

Not only does the last few forced reps of an intense set of weight lifting determine if you will see muscle growth but, will also increase your bodies overall fat loss compared to other lower intensity routines.

#4 of Fat Burning Tips ~ Free Weights

Free weights has been shown to burn more calories than machines because of the stabilizer muscles which come into play.

#5 of Fat Burning Tips ~ High Intensity

The higher the intensity of your workout, the more calories you will burn in a shorter amount of time. One of the best fat burning tips to use for high intensity weight training is to push yourself as hard as you can for as long as you can and then rest until you can repeat that same level of intensity.

#6 of Fat Burning Tips ~ Speed

Explosive and fast reps burn more calories then traditional slow reps. You will exert more energy performing explosive reps which will cause you to use more calories and feel more winded afterwards.

#7 of Fat Burning Tips ~ Negatives

Not one of the best fat burning tips, but still a effective one. Negatives allow you to lift heavier weight than performing regular reps. You will be able to lift around 20 percent more of your maximum weight using this technique. Make sure you always have a spotter when performing negatives.

This principle of overloading the muscle with heavy weight will increase your GH (growth hormone) levels. When you increase your GH in this manner, you are freeing up fat from your fat cells.

#8 of Fat Burning Tips ~ Compound Movements

The last of the fat burning tips for weight lifting is compound movements. The more muscle groups you can get engaged in your workout, the more calories you will burn.

Compound movements are one or more exercises combined together to make up one exercise. An example of this would be performing a squat with a barbell and at the top of the squat, you perform a shoulder press. It is a upper and lower body workout combined into one exercise that will have you burning a lot of calories.

Four Fat Burning Tips For Cardio

Fat Burning Tips For Cardiod #1 ~ Cardiovascular Exercise After Weights Lifting

A study showed that you will be able to burn more fat when performing your cardiovascular exercise after your weight training instead of performing your cardiovascular first.

The first 15 minutes of your cardiovascular exercise is when you will be able to burn the most amount of fat when performed after weight lifting. So, even if you don’t have enough energy to go for the full 45 minutes of a normal cardio session, you still can receive good results if you do the first 15 minutes.

Fat Burning Tips For Cardiod #2 ~ HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the fastest way to burn fat. This type of cardiovascular exercise involves short high intensity intervals (80 to 90% of your maximum heart rate) and followed up by lower intensity intervals, like walking or resting.

Fat Burning Tips For Cardiod #3 ~ Sprints

Sprinting will be effective when you determine the timing. By timing I mean the amount of time you sprint versus the amount of time you rest. This will vary depending on your physical ability and how long you remain consistent.

Here is a great starting routine for beginners…

1st workout day
Sprint= 10 seconds/ rest= 30 seconds // repeat for 5 total minutes

2nd workout day
sprint= 15 seconds/ rest= 30 seconds // repeat for 5 total minutes

3rd workout day
Sprint= 20 seconds/ rest= 30 seconds // repeat for 5 total minutes

As you can see, you will increase the time you sprint by 5 seconds every day you workout. You can also increase the total minutes you workout and decrease the rest time to make this sprinting workouts more challenging as you progress.

Fat Burning Tips For Cardiod #4 ~ Empty Stomach Workouts When You First Wake Up

As fat burning tips go, this one is the most effective if you can motivate yourself to do it. When you first wake up, your body is in the best position to burn fat because your blood sugar is low. Therefore, when you do your cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning, you will be targeting fat.

If you do not have enough energy in the morning, try to have a whey protein shake or something which is mostly protein to give you a little boost of energy. Having a cup of black coffee is another option to help you wake up and boost your energy for your workout.

Fat Burning Tips Conclusion

These tips will help guide you in the right direction for fat loss. A total body transformation will take time. If you don’t see changes in the first week, that is perfectly normal. Of all the fat burning tips, the key is to be consistent in your fat loss program and you will see results.