Green Tea has always been something I recommend as a great supplement in any diet. Some of you are probably already pulling a face but let me tell you, this green monster eats fat (or potential fat) for breakfast! Apart from the weight loss benefits it also homes a bunch of other health benefits and is one of the most potent anti-oxidants out there.

How it works

If we consume carbs and fat, our bodies need to break them down to be used easily for energy. When fats and carbs are broken down they form a substance called triglyceride. If you consume excessive amounts of fat and carbs, an excessive amount of triglyceride is produced. The result is not all of it will get used for normal bodily functions and the rest will get stored as fat.

Where the Green Tea becomes useful, is that it contains a lot of Polyphenols. Polyphenols trigers production of an enzyme that actually de-solves triglyceride which means that if you have an excessive amount of triglyceride in your system, drinking a lot of green tea may help to stop it from getting stored as fat.

Green Tea also speeds up the metabolism which makes you burn twice as many calories especially when training. This has more to do with the caffeine in green tea than anything else. The caffeine in Green Tea equals to about two cups of Green Tea = 1 Cup of Coffee.

I would suggest if you can break the initial two week “getting used to it” phase you will soon be hooked on this wonderful and natural weight loss supplement.

And guys, the one you buy in the shop with the heap of sugar is not exactly what I meant by Green Tea… but you knew that right! 😉 

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