The word “stress” originated from the technical world (physics and engineering) but when you do a search on Google to find out what the direct definition of the word stress is, its clear that the word “stress” is more famous now for the lead-role it plays in biology and phycology as a “disease” of the new age. It refers to a organism’s (human animal or plant) incapability to cope with a mental, physical or phycological demand regardless if it is real or just a fragment of the imagination. Either way its a very real problem in our day and age and the repercussions of being stressed is causing us to lose control and outcome of our peace, happiness, health, friends, work relationships and sanity. To give you an idea of what the actual stats are as a result of our generation being under stress have a look at this;


– 69% of people suffering from stress related disorders such as depression were apprehensive that society would consider them to be crazy.

– 55 % of people suffering from stress related disorders say they have no or very few close friends.

– 71% people under stress refrain from social activities.

– 50% of people under stress say they are not able to pursue leisure activities or hobbies.

– The typical age of onset of social anxiety disorder is 12 to 19

– 77% people under stress say anxiety or disorders such as insomnia or depression hamper their romantic relationships.

– 58% are embarrassed to acknowledge that they are depressed.

– 35% people suffering from social anxiety disorder say they avoid intimacy with partners.

– Every 40 seconds a life is lost through suicide(Worldwide as per WHO data)

– Depression among the youth has increased from 2% to 12% in the last five years. – Globally 3 out of every 5 visits to the doctor are for stress related problems.

– 76% people under stress say they have sleeping disorders and

– 58% suffer headaches.

– 85% of people under stress tend to have strained relations with family and friends.

– 70% of people under stress say they have become short-tempered.

– Globally 1 out of every 10 students suffer significant distress.

– Over 50% of lost workdays across the world are due to stress, says an ILO study.

– Stress costs America alone about $300 billion each year

– Under High stress your biological age can be 30 times higher than your calendar age.

– Scientists agree that stress causes actual chemical changes in the brain, and these changes can influence the state of your health.

I am a firm believer that one should check yourself regularly if you are on the right track. Do you still stop to smell the roses or are you rushing from one thing to the next not getting anything done anyways and then stressing your life away because there is simply not “enough” of anything? Not enough time, money friends, work, etc etc. The thing is, whilst we are not making the most of what we have NOW because we are waiting for things to get better, we are missing our lives and the small pleasures we could have had. “Life happens whilst you were making other plans” there is so much truth in that. So what can you do to increase your quality of life and stress less?

1. Eat a balanced diet. A healthy body = healthy mind. If your body is not getting enough nutrients your brain will try and draw your attention to this via, moods, disease, breakouts, skin disorders, allergies etc. Stress may also cause you to eat too much so planning your meals will help you stay in control of the situation.

2. Never agree to do more than you can handle. We all know our limitations. You have to learn to say “n, I can’t in a diplomatic way and not step on anyones toes. You will also be more satisfied by giving your best to the projects that you can handle rather than to be a hero and try and do too many things at once. An old chinese proverb states “the man who chases two rabbits wont catch either”

3. Do vigorous cardio vascular excersise at least 3 times a week for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The more time you can make for excersise the better. This gets rid of all the build up emotion and releases endorphins that make you happy as a kid on Christmas! And lets face it dropping a few kg’s will give you the extra confidence as bonus to start taking control again!

4. Avoid putting chemicals into your body, pain killers, drugs or alcohol is just a temporary relieve and a waste of time. When the effects of the chemicals wear off your problem is still going to be there. Time to get rid of the root of the problems and stop trying to get rid of the symptoms!

5. Find time for yourself. Sit quietly enjoy music or gardening or walking even meditation has great rejuvenating results. Whatever it is that makes you happy make time to do it!

6. Laughing helps ease stress. And laughing 100 times equals 10 minutes of working out on a rowing machine or 15 minutes of cycling

I will be posting articles on handling stress in a couple of chapters over the next few months hope to see you soon on again thanks for reading!

Do you want to work out if you are under stress? I found this test for depression and stress have a look at