I think everyone my age will remember the “hands, knees, feet and elbows” song which was always associated with Ingram’s camphor cream. (In case you don’t have a clue what I am talking about here is a trip down memory lane….)

That’s something that stuck in my mind during my youth and also remember my mom always had a pot of Ingram’s next to her bed.  We used to put it on everything really. It’s hard to think that the “Skin Doctor” brand existed even 50 years before that.

As Madonna classically said when asked how she remains such a sensation “You have to keep evolving your brand”  With this in mind it’s no wonder the Ingram’s brand is still around.  They have launched a range of lotions specifically for the female/family and male Body Lotions which brings natural ingredients together for a pleasantly non-greasy, fast absorbing and 48-hour Moisture Lock. Rich, gentle, nourishing and refreshing with protective active ingredients, Ingram’s new Body Lotions range includes the following:

Ingram’s Female/Family Body Lotion range

  • Tissue Oil: A sumptuous blend of special oils to restore dry and dull skin with 48-hour Moisture Lock.
  • Triple Glycerine Moisture Plus: With 3x more glycerine, this lotion delivers intense moisturisation for very dry skin.
  • Triple Butter: A rich blend of Shea, Cocoa and Jojoba butters to revitalise normal to dry, dull skin, the Triple Butter Lotion leaves skin with a pleasant, nourished feel.
  • Herbal: Formulated to restore and soothe very dry and damaged skin, this unique herbal blend locks in moisture for 48 hours.

Ingram’s Male Body Lotion and Cream variants specifically formulated for the toughest skincare needs of men:

  • Extreme Moisture: Available in a cream and lotion, and has 3x more the moisturising agent for dry, dull skin.
  • Active Boost: With energising Creatine to revitalise dry and dull skin.
  • Ultra Cool: With cooling Menthol for a fast cooling sensation when applied. 

We asked the Brand Manager for Ingram’s what she thought about the range and she commented:

 “Our skin protects us from harsh environments and so it is necessary to prevent these elements from penetrating and causing damage to our skin. Ingram’s new Body Lotions for the whole family have been specifically developed to care for and repair South African skin all year round.”  Derishia Chetty, Ingram’s Brand Manager

Ingredients include:

Glycerine; Creatine; Argan Oil; and nature’s richest moisturisers, Shea and Cocoa Butter. These new lotion ranges carry the credible traditional skincare promise to nurture, protect and maintain healthy skin with added new ingredients for that extra-nourishing feel.

Facebook: @IngramsSouthAfrica and Twitter: @Ingrams_ZA using the #THESKINDOCTOR.

For more information, www.ingrams.co.za