Ah the beauty industry, they make millions selling products with the promise of changing your skin FOREVER!  Eternal youth, blemish free, plump, radiant, dark circle free, wrinkle fee, moisturised, re-generated, anti-oxidised, lighter, brighter, amazing skin is always just a product away.  What if I tell you you can make a massive difference to your skin from the inside out with all of the above benefits?   I am not a guru in the beauty industry so not sure what the ingredients are but I had to laugh when I saw the one with the snail gel in it.  Scary.

I am however a little bit clued up on nutrition so today, I would like to introduce a couple of super-foods into your diet which I apply in my every day life.  I am not saying my skin is amazing, I am just saying without these super-heros I can actually clearly tell the difference when I stop eating them so here it goes;



Avo have been used for centuries in masks and puree on the outside layer of the skin do due to its rejuvenating and moisturising qualities but Avo also contains large amounts of Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Monounsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamin C is knows for its skin cell regenerating and collagen producing qualities. After 30 our collagen “manufacturing plant” starts shutting down and we need some extra help to plump our skins up so Avo is a great way to supplement to make that possible.

Vitamin E has also been found in studies, to assist with UVA and UVB radiation damage.  Basically it reduces the effects of sun-damage. Vitamin E also reduces the free radical damage of bad (oxidising) fats from other nasty food sources.

One of the main benefits though of eating avo’s is the fact that they (are delicious…. but on a serious note :P) they contain Monounsaturated Fatty Acids. The high content of oleic acid (a kind of monounsaturated Fatty Acid) maintains the moisture of the outer layer of the skin, keeping it soft and hydrated from the inside. This wonderful substance also assists with reducing facial redness and irritation.

Raw Un-salted Nuts

Firstly why raw? When you modify a raw fat/or nut in this case (but also applies to other oils like margarine and olive oil) by sticking them in immense heat eg. An oven to roast them you actually damage the structure of the fat within the nut which changes a super-hero-food instantly into a bad guy. These damaged fats then do more harm than good and is hard for the body to process and you can almost chuck them right into the bag next to the empty calorie “badies” eg. Crisps and sweets. And not to mention the salt with all its water retaining qualities. So what happens if you eat nuts that weren’t destroyed by heat? Well if you take my favorite, Almonds and you will get the following;

  • Jam packed with fibre to aid with a healthy digestive system
  • Healthy heart and reduced blood pressure
  • Reduce swelling and almonds also contains a natural anti-inflammatory (this helps with skin which is irritable and prone to acne and eczema)

And again all the vitamin E with its anti-oxidant effect.


Pumpkin Seeds

You know, growing up, the thought of eating a pumpkin seed would never have crossed my mind and it was not something we grew up with. We are really so lucky to have so much information available to us. Pumpkin seeds are delicious, I add them usually to my raw muesli mix to make sure I get them in as an every-day-thing. Their super-hero powers are Vitamin E, Zinc and Magnesium which will keep your skin glowing for days and promote regeneration of skin cells, as well as to fight off bacteria which can cause havoc with acne. Vitamin E really assist to repair the skin quicker for healthier overall look and feel. Protein is also one of the main ingredients in these little guys and protein is the building blocks of the skin.


Berries are pretty and delicious, but they also have a couple of health benefits which makes them a must-have on a shopping list. Berries are known as the anti-aging super-food, and who needs to get old anyways?!

When it comes to food, berries really top the chart with their anti-oxidant properties as well as phytochemicals to keep not only your skin, but your brain young too. It reduces heart disease, diabetes and cancer as well so load of health benefits there!  Blueberries have loads of manganese, an energy boosting mineral and vitamin K which builds bones and most berries contains vitamin C and polyphenols which is a super anti-oxidant which again helps with sun-damage radiation and re-production of the skin cells.



Fibre has plenty of health benefits, weight-loss and general health amongst them but fibre also acts like a broom for your system. It sweeps away all the dirt and toxins which could otherwise cause outbreaks and blemishes. Keeping hydrated is very important when you increase your fibre intake read more here. You get get your fibre from fruits and vegetables or whole-grains, seeds and nuts and of course both of them mentioned in this article for other skin health benefits 🙂

How much is enough?  a Hand-full of nuts and seeds for me and half an avo a day about keeps me healthy and glowing. Fruit and veg I would recommend six balanced helpings throughout the day. You will reap the rewards promise!

Yours in health!