I think one thing that most women complain about is that dreaded orange peel skin on the thighs. No matter how big or small you are the chances that you have cellulite and have complained about it is almost a certainty. The causes of cellulite ranges from stress and genetics to lack of exercise and bad diet causing build of oxidants and the list goes on. Right now what we want to focus on is how to get rid of it.

I am only going to preach once and them move on to what you can do about it.

Eat Clean

Diet and exercise are a must. Your body has to get rid of oxidants and I would rather burn it up any day as to carrying it around in my DNA. Try and limit caffeine, fizzy drinks, cigarettes and “bad” fats. Instead opt for cellulite busting foods;


By exfoliating in a circular motion towards your heart or nearest lymph glands you are actually increasing the blood flow which will assist the body in getting rid of toxins. The increase in blood flow also helps the body with cell regeneration and to break down the fatty deposits which decreases the appearance of cellulite in that area.

Cellulite busting tip – grind coffee beans and add to your scrub, the caffeine in the coffee beans is said to increase blood flow even more and also have skin tightening benefits

Products we love

Range of lovely exfoliators from @TheBodyShopSA available @Clicks_SA
Range of lovely exfoliators from @TheBodyShopSA available @Clicks_SA

Invest In All-Year-Round Sunless Tanning Products

Tanned skin generally has a more toned, tighter and healthier appearance. By applying self tan (properly) your cellulite will appear less visible and your skin will have a healthy glow all year around. I would avoid direct long grueling tanning sessions in summer-time as this will just cause long-term damage to your skin and worsen the over all condition of your skin long-term.

Try @CaribbeantanSA for sunless goddess skin all year around.  Available @Clicks_SA and @Dischem
Try @CaribbeantanSA for sunless goddess skin all year around. Available @Clicks_SA and @Dischem

Exercise and Tone Those Legs

Start with something simple like a walking program. You don’t need to enroll at the gym or take any drastic measures until you are ready. Also follow this simple sexy leg training program, you can do it at home with no equipment. Exercise will help eliminate toxins (free radicals) as well as increase your blood circulation. Another bonus is, the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn so tone up!

Include Tonalin CLA into your diet

There is no magic pill when it comes to weight loss but Tonalin CLA comes pretty close. I have taken it for most of my modeling career and I can tell you one thing for certain, there was always a massive difference in the stages when I didn’t take it and when I did.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) prohibits the amount of fat breakdown which gets stored in the body. For more information please read my article on CLA here. CLA also helps with the appearance of your skin and nails.  

I personally love and use @CiplaNutrition

My favorite weight loss product @CiplaNutrition available @PicknPay Pharmacy's as well as Wellness Warehouse @Wellnews
My favorite weight loss product @CiplaNutrition available @PicknPay Pharmacy’s as well as Wellness Warehouse @Wellnews

Another quick tip is to keep your legs looking smooth all year around with @LegsElevenSA permanent hair removal they also have a whole range of other slimming technologies.  I am still busy with my treatments and will be doing a write-up on the blog soon!  Read more on IPL hair removal here

Have a wonderful sexy-leg week!