We all know there is realistically no quick-fix if you are stuck in an unhealthy rut, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here are 7 changes you can make to your lifestyle that will change your rut for for the better.

1. Start Getting Into Habit Of Walking Every Day

Besides the fact that walking will burn calories and help with weight loss and all the other obvious health benefits, walking everyday will also take your mind off your stresses of everyday living or whatever situation may be getting you down. You actually have no idea how much impact something this simple can have on your life. I prefer to walk early in the morning before the start to my day. This generally sets the tone of my mood (in a positive way), a clear organized happy mind = how productive I will be, and how I will be towards others and how others will perceive me.

2. Control the Gadgets and Don’t Let the Gadgets Control You

We generally spend so much time on our cellphones, Ipads, computers etc. whether it be playing games or living on social media that it inevitably takes over your life (one little bit at a time).  How often are you on your phone while someone is talking to you or while your kids are playing you are there in body, but your actually emailing from your phone or sms’ing, playing games etc. and not listening to a word they are saying or observing your kids and how they are desperately looking for your attention.  Find a healthy balance,  allocate time for your kids, partner etc. that is undivided attention (be mindful).  Take time off social media for example and refuel yourself with the goodness of a nice conversation with a friend or getting active at gym.

3. Be More Mindful
Mindfulness suggests taking a step back and observing everything that is going on around you. Not only your thoughts that you are having, which generally has an effect on your mood and behavior,  but also simply taking a step back and embracing where you are now in this current moment and enjoying it. Even taking a moment to literally stop and smell the roses, ABSORB a beautiful sunset, FEEL how much love you have for a loved one. Stop and enjoy every moment that matters, take it all in,  and don’t let negative thoughts and emotions control your life.

4. Keep Good Company

You can have the best intentions of changing your life being more positive and healthy, complaining less, doing more etc. but if you keep the wrong company and your friends have unhealthy habits (any of the above or whatever the change is you are trying to make eg. Quit smoking, drinking drugs etc.) you will always be swimming against the stream. If you want to change you will have to try and get your friends on board with your mission and get their buy in or unfortunately I would have to say look for different company. Your support group and the people around you should be a source of motivation and not the quicksand that draws you back into Mordor.

5. Clean Up Your Act

There is a saying that moderation is key to healthy lifestyle.  I say if you have anything in your life that is an addiction whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, whatever it may be, (some people have weird ones I am not even getting in to).  Where moderation used to be a great scape-goat it just doesn’t cut it anymore in the long run.  The aim is to have an uncluttered and uncomplicated life, the simpler the better.  Anything, even emotional clutter has a way of robbing you of joy and life. Wean yourself off your baggage and anything else not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, try every day a little less, a few less cigarettes, control your urge to drink the whole bottle instead, be mindful and enjoy just a glass or two.