I remember when I was little, there was always one scary aunt that always “came in” for a kiss with these scary lips which looked like a dried up river around the lip-line with blood red lipstick seeping up in the cracks. Scary indeed. I have always feared that all woman are doomed to have lips like that but this does not have to be you! I must admit I also have had a little bit of a lip-balm addition for the longest time and absolutely LOVE applying lip balm. Or as my friend @lipglossgirl would say “lippie” (she makes me laugh that cheeky one)

Anyhoo as a seasoned “lippie” addict I have a couple of favie’s as everyone does. Let me run through them;

Blistex DCT

Blistex is one of my favorites for every day maintenance on my lips. I have a pot in every corner and also in my gym bag. Blistex also contains great moisturizers namely Aloe and Cocoa Butter with added vitamins A and E. It also smells divine. It has a SPF of 20 which makes it great for applying before a run or going outside. It replenishes moisture-starved cells and if I had to be lost in a desert I wouldn’t mind one of these pots in stead of water in my oasis!

Dermalogica for Prevention and Cure

Dermalogica has always been innovative with new products and like to keep their products simple with maximum effectivity. And I don’t know about you but I like simple things that work! Needless to say the Lip Protection is no different.

Climate Control Lip Treatment

This therapeutic balm has an exclusive Anti-Ozonate Complex to help heal acutely damaged skin and provide a barrier against the harsh elements when you step out the door. Lips are shielded against pollution temperature extremes even stress poor diet and hormonal factors gets the boot while helping the skins natural defense system to stand on its own feet.

Renewal Lip Complex

I really love this product. The applicator makes me want to put it on all day long and I love the way it makes my lips feel. Lip-heaven. This daily lip treatment restores delicate tissue, minimises contour lines and will definitely helps prevent the signs of ageing. It stimulates collagen formation and minimizes fine lines. It also helps to prevent dehydration.

Balm Balm Multi Purpose Lip Balm

This multi purpose Lip Balm moisturises lips and is also available in a beautiful-smelling rose geranium. Its a 100% natural organic product containing Shea butter, sunflower, beeswax, jojoba & calendula, gently melted together to create a soft balm formulation to soothe, moisturise and nourish your lips or anywhere else that might need caring for.

Balmbalm is so gentle that it can even be used on new born babies – not as a lip balm of course as babies have no need of lip balm, but as a multi purpose moisturizer that takes up next to no space in your bag – it’s the perfect answer to all your babies moisturising needs.  I actually apply it sometimes on my cheekbones for a bit of a shimmer as well.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

I have never really been a fan of “lipstick” (it always gives me flashbacks from that aunt) at all or to put any “color” on my lips I prefer a more natural look. So “naturally” this product appealed to me instantly and should be in your bag! I find that most lip products that contain color leaves your lips feeling flaky in a while after application and if you use it a lot. Not this one.

The lip Perfector is a softly textured lip gel with a deliciously sweet scent and 3D shimmer and makes your lips feel smooth, shiny and much fuller. I would recommend this for lip protection with added VA VA VOOM during the day and night. Loving @Clarins at the moment.

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