1. Cure for Athletes Foot

When searching natural cure for Athletes foot this remedy is number 1 on the list. Garlic is known for its amazing anti-fungal properties. By soaking the foot affected in a foot spa or bucket of water with about 5 crushed cloves of garlic you should be getting rid of this pesky infection in no time.

  1. Natural Aphrodisiac

No, I wouldn’t exactly recommend eating a couple of cloves of garlic on a first date BUT if you can manage to get it into your stomach somehow, “the word on the streets” is that it could do wonders for your sex drive. I’m personally going to stick to Oysters if need be.

  1. Treatment for Cold Sores

If you are lucky enough to have one of these un-sightly beauty’s pop up before an important event and you don’t have a commercial product at hand garlic might just save the day! Cut a piece of raw garlic in half and place it on the effected area. It may be a tad un-comfy to start with but hey, its either that or the alternative.

  1. Cold and Flu Remedy

Its that time of the year again so a bit of garlic-love could actually prevent and cure your sniffles! If you have a bad cough crush a clove of garlic and steep in hot water for 5 minutes, drain and drink. Eating 3 cloves of garlic may actually fight the bugs and prevent you from getting a cold in the first place.

  1. Mosquito Repellant

I am not actually sure how they came up with this one because no one I know will want to walk around with garlic sprayed on them. I would rather rename this idea and call it everyone-repellant (useful when you go on a date and its not working out)

  1. Gets Rid of Acne

Rubbing raw garlic on sore infected acne is said to clear your spots up in a flash and leave your skin fresh and glowing. Garlic has strong anti-bacterial functions that may even clear up deep problematic acne that is otherwise hard to treat.

  1. Weight Loss

Garlic is said to speed up the metabolism and also makes you feel fuller quicker. (I have also seen this mentioned once or twice on other fitness websites so I do think there is some truth to this)

Other interesting uses of garlic includes making home-made Pesticide, mole removal (not recommended), its used by fisher-men as bait, natural remedy for ear infection, can be used as a cure for yeast infection, aids with hair-loss and can even be used to mend cracked glass. Believe it!

If you haven’t yet started stocking up on garlic now is as good a time as any! Just goes to show raw food really makes for all round great health (maybe minus the Mosquito repellant)