7 Ways To Stay Motivated To Train This Summer

  • Vary your routine or change your scenery 

A new variation on your favorite activity If you’ve always exercised indoors, move your workout outside for a welcome change of scenery.

  • Try something entirely new

Make it something you never dreamed you’d do. If you’ve always stuck to solitary pursuits, sign up for a team sport.  Or something fun and exciting that you have on uour bucketlist. How about mountain climbing or kite-surfing? 

  • Find a workout buddy

Exercise companions add a social element to any routine.  Personally Intrain with 3 hyper JackRussells – or shall I rather say they train me.  But you can Ask a friend to be your workout partner, you won’t skip a workout if someone is waiting for you.

  • Set a new goal

Working out to stay in shape is fine, but setting a goal such as finishing a 10k race or completing a rough water swim will give your daily workouts more meaning.  Have a look at races and activities in your area. 

  • Treat yourself to a workout gadget or accessory

Heart-rate monitors, step counters (some really slick ones out now) aquatic toys and other exercise gadgets can make your workouts more fun and challenging.  I think my next one might even be a @GoPro

  • Reward yourself

Reaching a fitness goal is a no-brainer excuse to treat yourself to something new. A massage, those new trainers, an evening out, or something that makes you feel great.

  • Focus on how good exercise makes you look and feel

I always feel great after a workout even if I initially didn’t even want to go? It picks me up right away! I use imagining having this feeling to motivate me the next time I am thinking about blowing off that workout!

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