Incorporating weight training is not just for body builders and athletes, its something I think everyone should incorporate into a balanced training program.  Still not convinced?  Here are ten great reasons why weight training makes sense;

1.  Weight training targets almost all of the 656 or more muscles of the body.  It gets the whole body working and anything that you excersise gets better so all and all makes for a better you!


2.  In women’s training programs big bulky muscle building is a myth.  Just because you incorporate weights doesn’t mean you are going to look like the incredible hulk.  (maybe the incredible hot)


3.  Nothing to give you a boost of confidence like feeling and being strong.  It also gives you great posture to look and feel confidant inside and out.


4.  Building muscle will increase your basal metabolic rate, meaning you will build muscles that will need fuel all the time to function.  So instead of just burning calories when you are training, you are literally burning calories 24/7 and extra when you do actually train!


5.  Weight training may be all you ever needed to get rid of that lower back pain!  If your back is strong, and all your other muscles as well, you don’t have to put so much strain on the one muscle group, the workload can be halved by your whole body chipping in and helping.


6.  Improves cholesterol levels,  imune system, decreases risk of diabetes, blood pressure and health in general – enough said


7.  Provides much needed diversity to your gym program which will prevent you from getting bored doing the same thing over and over again.  MOTIVATION


8.  Weigh training makes you feel good healthy mind healthy body.

This should get you moving!  Good luck and look forward to seeing those toned muscles in the gym!