Are you also one of those people that get bored doing the grind on the bike or treadmill to lose a few kg’s? Here are a few ideas to get you moving and cut out the “oh no not cardio” attitude.

  1. Get a Cardio Buddy

Ever gone on a road trip with someone you enjoyed chatting to? The trip passed in a heartbeat right? Same principle applies when you do carido with awesome company.

  1. Watch a Movie

These days gym’s are equipped with fabulous equipment featuring movie channels to choose from. Otherwise invest in a little movie player they some cost next to nothing and they are a great investment.  (you can even use it when sitting in the que when doing your tax returns)

  1. Get Moving with high energy dance music

This always gets me going!  Nothing worse than the sounds of silence to put a damper on your mood and moves. You will probably find that you have more energy as well.  Just don’t sing along!

  1. Try few minutes of various exercises

Are you one of those that get bored quickly? Why not try few minutes of cycling, rowing, running etc. to combine your total cardio workout instead of 30 on one item.  Just think of it as a platter instead of a meal.

  1. Do cardio first thing in the morning at home

When you procrastinate because you don’t like doing something, you find a million reasons not to do it. Why don’t you invest in a fun work out video and do it first thing in the morning at home. This will leave you feeling good the whole day.

  1. Go outside

With health on your mind, get involved with an outdoor activity this will get you hooked on cardio and you will meet awesome new people who you can relate to and broaden your horizons.  Live a little and get some sun as well.

  1. Get your tablet to work and download some E Books to read

The good old fashioned paperback also works, choose something you love and leave it in your gym bag. Train that brain nothing better than reading to do this and get your workout done all in one!   Even try giving yourself a deadline to finish the book this way you can incorporate more cardio into your training!

  1. Try a class

Classes are high energy and viby. Following an instructor does the work for you and you also get to meet more people. If you are shy, take that buddy along

  1. Stay in touch with friends

Use this time to message friends and family you never have time to do. Commit to this and keep in touch with your loved ones think of it as a new years resolution to make an effort with your mates. You can also use this time to reply to emails as well, getting the admin out of the way is always a plus.