Adidas unveiled these gorgeous new trainers made from ocean waste and recycled rubbish mostly found in the ocean. Parlay for the Oceans have teamed up with Adidas to make this possible. Parlay for the Oceans said that ocean waste is the next big thing and the shoe has been designed with environmental issues in mind, with the objective to create more awareness around ocean conservation and recycling. The base of the shoe has been created using recycled fishing nets, illegal gill nets and other ocean waste. These items were recovered from the ocean during the 110 expedition to track poaching vessels along the West African Coast and was done by Sea Sheppard. All together 72 km of netting was recovered.



“The objective of the company is to contribute towards the conservation and preservation of the oceans around the world. The objective of Parlay for Oceans is to facilitate a collaboration amongst organizations that could contribute” Cyrill Gutsch – founder Parlay for Oceans

The shoe takes approximately 6 days to manufacture and will be sold in stores by the end of the year.


Ocean Pollution and conservation facts;

  • Scientists predict by 2025 all coral reef ecosystems will be gone
  • Majority of sea life could be extinct in 6 – 16 years
  • House cats eats more fish than seals
  • Marine plants provide 70% of the worlds oxygen and are in danger of disappearing