Twentyfour – Get the ultimate all-round workout in just 24 minutes


Are you ready for a new type of training that will push you to your limit? Prepare to push, pull, twist, bend, squat and lunge yourself into shape in a workout that’s less than 30 minutes. Twentyfour is the new high intensity interval training class made up of 24 moves in 24 minutes.

Twentyfour is a structured class that happens on the mat and uses only your own body weight – no equipment needed. It gives you a great overall workout with moves set to an energising soundtrack. The results? Amazing! You’ll burn more calories and condition muscles in a shorter space of time than ever before.


Twentyfour is for everyone – well, anyone who is up for the challenge that is! It allows you to go at your own pace, adjusting exercises to your individual fitness level and ability. To encourage the whole family to try it, there will be a family class held on specific Saturdays – so grab the kids (eight years and up) and come and try it.


The benefits?

–  Helps you lose weight (burning calories before and after workout)

–  Gives you a greater work rate during a session

–  Offers you a time-efficient way of training

–  Adds variety to your training routine


Twentyfour is led by Virgin Active trained fitness staff. For more information on Twentyfour or Virgin Active’s other offerings log onto or call 0860 200 911.