4 large celery roots

5 cm piece of ginger

2 pear

two hands full of romaine leaves

4 sprigs rosemary


Wash all produce well.

Juice rosemary with stem on, wrapping around celery root or pear to get most yield. (The Juice Fountain Cold from Breville makes this a breeze, available from @Homewarestore 

Juice all ingredients.



Celery root – fennel, celery, jicama

Ginger – lemon, lime, turmeric

Pear – granny smith apple

Romaine – spinach, kale, lettuce

Rosemary – sage, basil

Servings: 2/3

Most Fruits and vegetables contain natural, anti-inflammatory, immune supportive properties. Fresh herbs like rosemary has natural accuring anti-inflamotory properties. Ginger is another potent root with inflammation, nausea and potentially cholesterol-reducing capabilities. Celery root is loaded with electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, potassium and even natural sodium. Pair with pear’s antioxidants you’ve got a powerful anti anflamatory punch that’s sure to taste great and help keep you feeling energized.