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19 Jul 2019
Food and Nutrition


I love peanut butter and I am not the only one.  Thats why I have decided to share @FuturlifeZA ‘s really delicious and nutrition Futurelife peanut butter smoothy recipe.  I…


Gluten Free Diets For Athletes

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, triticale and sometimes oats.  It is also found in foods made from these flours.  A gluten-free diet avoids all foods that…

Food and Nutrition

Frozen Yoghurt Recipe

  Treat yourself to homemade frozen yoghurt this weekend, without needing an ice cream maker! These useful tips are the steps you need to follow for delicious frozen yoghurt! Ingredients:…


Why Should We Supplement Our Diets?

The function of nutrition is to build a better body. In today’s fast-pace world, getting optimal nutrition without concentrated, high-tech food supplements is close to impossible. There are a hundred…

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