…Most women who has had the privilege of having a baby will agree with me that the experience is amazing, and very rewarding and really completes you as a woman. Its such a life changing moment. Unfortunately with all the wonderfulness, bells and whistles, of being a mom, its also a body-changing moment.  The down side is your body does take a huge amount of strain and it is inevitable that you will probably pick up a bit of weight to support the little one. This doesn’t have to mean you have to live with it forever.

Getting pregnant is not a reason to “eat for two” or pig out, I am a firm believer in balance being key to a happy baby, and happy mom. If you are planning on falling pregnant or have had a little one and you are fighting to get your pre-preggie rocking body back, I have good news for you. Its not as impossible as you may think, all its going to take is a bit hard work and commitment.

Personally I decided to eat healthy and control my portions (with other words don’t get carried away). If those pesky cravings set in by all means have a portion, its unnecessary to go back for seconds … thirds… and so on. I think its important for you, while you are pregnant, to still try and get enough exercise. Also try and eat fruit instead of treats for a snack baby will love it too! Try something like walking and light weights. There are some really fun classes to do as well have a look on the @virginactiveSA website and class-lineup for more. I managed to continue walking 8km up until 8 months about 4 times a week, but it is really what is comfortable for each individual.  It really helped me after pregnancy to bounce back a bit quicker and the feel good factor helped a lot.  I weigh less now than before I got pregnant

I have chatted to a couple of fabulous South African celeb-friends on how they got their bodies back after pregnancy and here is what they had to say;

Sureshni Rider from 5FM @Sureshnie on her experience

“For me breastfeeding was the first easy painless way to lose most of my baby weight. I had an emergency C-Section, so that took away 6 weeks of being able to get to a gym or take to a road jog. I used that time to really be active with baby at home. Once I was able to get back onto the treadmill, I was back at a very busy and demanding job. I didn’t have any available time to go to a gym, so I started to really get into a healthy eating plan. This really helped me gain back most of my body (barring my boobs:). I am back at gym and also take Pavani with, so she gets to experience the fitness environment from a young age. I started to dedicate a good solid 60mins to the gym every day:)

In the New Year, I’m re focussing on my health. I recently visited my GP to have blood tests to update my health status with regards to Cholestrol, Blood sugar, Blood Pressure etc. This is going to be a good starting point for me to re look at my diet, excerise and how I utilise this to keep me fit and in a far healthier approach to life.  I also utilise great detox programmes to also cleanse my body and this has really given me such awesome energy”

5 great tips from the fabulous Kuli Roberts @kuliroberts


Stop eating for two

Exercise daily

Fresh fruits and veg are a great snack.

Take your baby for a pram walk

Make love loads to burn off em calories

@MelanieCarstens shares her experience with us

It took me 7 years to fall pregnant, so when I found out I was carrying Hayden, I wrapped myself up in cotton wool and rested, for the duration of my pregnancy. I did no exercise and although I was eating small healthy meals, I wasn’t exactly counting calories. My only concern was to keep my pregnancy safe.

By the end of that 9 month ‘chill ‘n chow fest’ I’d piled on almost 30kgs.

I kept thinking “It’ll just drop off once I have the baby”, because that’s what everyone tells you.

But weight doesn’t just ‘drop off’. You need to work it off, whether its diet, exercise or a mix of both. Different things work for different people.

Its been really tough getting my body back andAt my age, it’s tough to stay in shape, especially since I don’t like going to the gym. I breastfed exclusively for 5 months, which to be honest didn’t help me with the weight loss at all. I was so tired and so hungry in the beginning that I pretty much continued with the lazy habits I’d developed while I was pregnant.

Once I stopped breastfeeding I felt a little more in control of my own body and started to concentrate on shedding the rolls. It hasn’t been easy.

Now I eat small meals, try not to indulge in carbs and walk for an hour almost every day. So it’s coming off slowly. Before I had Hayden I would have been on a much greater mission to shed all this weight, but then my priorities were different. It’s obviously important to be in shape, to be healthy and to have a good self image, and to teach my son the same, but I am not as hard on myself as I used to be. I am a mom, and that’s what’s important now. Hayden is almost 9 months old and I still have about 6kgs left to loose. By his first birthday I’ll hopefully be pretty much the same weight as I was when I fell pregnant

@CindyNell second time mom to be  


During Pregnancy I walked for an hour at least 3 times a week, I couldn’t run anymore toward the end so did fast walks, I made sure my trainer came to get me because I really didn’t feel like it anymore, but it always made me feel better and the fresh air was good for me. I started walking again soon after birth and with this pregnancy I do the same combined with Pilates.

I also think breastfeeding is as good for your figure as well as your baba’s immune system

 As for me, this is my latest after-baby pic