The new Fitbit Alta HR is and updated version of the Fitbit Alta which was released in 2016.  The device is known as the slimmest continuous heart rate monitor.  The watch is somewhere between a styling looking smartwatch and an effective little tool to track your heart rate.  The Fitbit Alta HR does however do a whole lot more than just track your heart rate.

If you are a new Fitbit user you will be pleasantly surprised by how quick you set your device up.  In two simple steps you are on your way to your first training session.  After downloading the app you set your details, sync and you are off!  What I also love about the app is sleep tracking, which allows you to monitor things such as how many times you woke up in the night. Its Sleep Stages function can break down your REM and light sleep and compare it across your age range.  A function my group of friends and I quite enjoy, is the fact that you can invite your friends to challenges via the app and training becomes quite the competition between all Fitbit-friends.

The Fitbit Alta off the bat has a few design elements which has changed.  I found the old Alta, had a bad clip which easily hooked to everything and then came un-done by itself.  (I have lost two devices this way).  With the new model this has been replaced by a sturdy buckle which makes a lot more sense.  It has a nice fit on the writs and does not get in the way throughout the day.

The Alta HR has a rectangular body which has a gently curved OLED tap display.  You can browse comfortably between features such as; Step Counter, Calories burned, heart rate, distance traveled, active minutes for the day.  You can activate the screen by tapping it or turning the wrist.  The strap is available in various colors and the material has a light silicone-feel and not irritable to the skin.   You can also read your texts, and see who is calling you via the screen.

Fitness tracking 

The Fitbit tracks periods of activity, counting the minutes you have been doing a given exercise. I found it accurate at tracking the minutes of exercise I had been doing. The Alta HR can log several types of activity, including walking, running, cycling, aerobic workouts and general sports. Unlike the bigger Charge 2, it lacks features to monitor weight workouts or time runs.

Heart rate tracking

The Fitbit Alta HR’s heart rate monitor is located in the underside of the Alta HR, with its PurePulse sensor flashing green when it is enabled. This new feature is a clear one-up on the old Alta and a must for the current generation of mid-range fitness trackers.

New features: Heart rate monitor, sleep tracking

Battery life: Up to a week

Activities tracked: Walking, running, cycling, aerobic workouts and general sports, not swimming

Price: Between R2000 – R2500

Heart rate monitor

The updated Alta HR includes a heart rate monitor using Fitbit’s PurePulse technology. The company says this makes the Alta HR the slimmest wrist fitness tracker with a heart rate sensor

Sleep tracking

Fitbit has improved its sleep tracking technology on its app with the release of the Alta HR. It can monitor how much REM you are getting and how long you sleep for and wake you up with a silent alarm.

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