This time of the year is the time for over indulging yes!  We spend our summer holidays drinking cocktails, lazing on the beach and some of us, like me, love spending as much time out doors as possible.  Great for the body not so great for that very delicate and may I add (largest organ in the body) namely THE SKIN.

I love trying new products and experimenting with what is out there and when the lovely ladies from Dermalogica sent me their solar defense emergency “must haves” I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to test and try it!  Dermalogica is just one of those brands that I really find hard to find fault with, all the products really feel fresh, healthy really clean.  (I will write more about their other range at a later stage) But first the sunblock rescue kit!
Firstly I loved the Solar Defense wipes SPF 15.  These pre moistened wipes contains advanced sunscreen that is even water proof!  The super-handy wipes also helps when damage has already been done with its anti oxidant Vitamin C and E.  I found this little pack of wonders extremely useful especially on the beach as a refresher towel that re-applies sunblock.   I can also picture myself keeping a pack of these in the car for incase, after all “Sun Happens”
Prevention is better than cure thats for sure, so before I go on my morning run (yes even in the morning) I apply sun block.  Usually sun block consists out of a cream that forms this layer and 15 minutes into my run the whole layer is in a puddle around my ankles (gross but true).  How happy I am to have discovered the Water Bock Solar Spray SPF 30.  This super light mist is water resistant for up to 80 minutes applies like a dream easy with the spray bottle and a little goes a long way.  As true with all Dermalogica products this Solar Defense mist has been formulated with the latest technology in its range with zero fragrance and alcohol.  Just the way we like it 🙂  Like all other sun blocks this should still be applied 30 minutes prior to exposure to make sure you get optimized protection for lovely healthy skin!  But if the damage has been done do not fear….


Introducing:  After Sun Repair
If you have over indulged in a bit of sunshine use the After Sun Repair with Japanese Alder, works wonders!  This homeopathic fragrance and color free treatment should be rubbed in liberally in over exposed areas for soothing relieving UV damage repair.  I love the fact that its a fast absorbing gel and there is no creamy greasy feeling on the skin after application.



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