I tried CocoZone Coconut Water despite my inherit dislike of anything coconut (I think this is because of the days when I did Survivor and all we had to eat was coconut).  It was actually damn nice and refreshing to say the least.  Very seldom when you walk into a shop, is coconut water even an option – in fact I can’t actually name one shop I have seen it in, so it is nice to know that you can find CocoZone in health shops and in selected Super Markets.  In saying that, it would have been nicer if it was more accessible though, as it’s really a nice low-calorie option to regular drinks and it has great health benefits too….

Lets see what is in the box; (which is an environmentally friendly recyclable Tetra Pack

–  No added sugar or preservatives

–  100% pure coconut water – not made from concentrate

–  safe for everyone to drink from kids to sportsmen and women

–  Natural source of electrolytes (think hangover cure)

–  Gluten and lactose free

–  Exceptional health benefits

Health benefits like what you ask?

Its said to be an immune boosting, rehydrating, anti-aging, blood sugar regulating, blood circulation improving, blood pressure lowering power pack.  Do we really need more than that?

I give it an over all thumbs up and going to get myself a whole stash for next time I travel!