We don’t always have face-masks ready to use when we need them most. It could also be quite costly to have to go for a “professional” facial every time. Use this home made DIY face-mask recipe and learn if off by heart for those S.O.S situations to revive and revitalise your skin.

Using a combination of Yogurt, Oats, Lemon and Honey these are the benefits they can offer;


Naturally moisturizes, lactic acid acts as an exfoliant. The abundance of zinc, reduces and prevents acne. The astringent properties also help shrink pores. Yoghurt also assists with reducing pigmentation whilst the anti-inflammatory properties assists in a great deal if you have suffered a bit from sunburn.


Again double wammy of moisturisers, anti-inflammatory benefits plus the added benefits of disinfectant, this is great news for those who have acne-prone skin. Anti-oxidants assist with tired stressed skin.


Oatmeal is a natural cleanser both inside and outside of the body. On the skin it acts as a natural exfoliant. Oatmeal also reduces redness and irritation. Oily skin will also benefit greatly from using oatmeal in a mask.


Lemon is amazing for sundamaged skin and pigmentation and acts as a bleach for age spots as well. Using the above ingredients together amplifies its benefits for a bright dewy revived skin.


  • I used my Nutri Bullet to mill the oats with the milling blade. This is important to enable you to mix the other ingredients and form a paste.  More importantly it breaks the oats down to make the vitamins and minerals ready for the skin to absorb. 




  • Mix two large scoops of Plain Yoghurt, 2 teaspoon of honey and half a lemon in a small mixing bowl.


Apply liberally using a mirror avoiding eyes.

Leave to dry. (try not to let your house pets get hold of your face) 🙂


Rinse using small circular motions to further the exfoliating process.  And Voila!  I will be giving away one @NutriBulletSA to a lucky reader this month keep an eye on the blog for more details this week!  

Yours in Health