1 tin condensed milk

1 big juicy lemon – squeezed

5 large eggs – separated

25 marie biscuits

slice of butter – melted

2 level tablespoons castor sugar


Heat oven to 140 degrees C


To make the crust :  crush the marie biscuits, stir in the melted butter only until you have moistened the biscuits – not too much butter otherwise it becomes very oily when you bake the pie.   Press this mixture into a normal size pie dish – make sure the bottom and sides are covered.


To make the lemon filling :  pour contents of condensed milk into a bowl, stir in 25 ml of lemon juice (please use fresh lemon and not bottled lemon juice – as this is awful and synthetic).  Then stir in 3 of the yolks (please note ONLY 3 yolks).   Once well stirred, pour this mixture onto pie crust


To make the meringue topping :  beat, with an electric blender, the 5 egg whites until standing in stiff peaks.   Only when the meringue is stiff, slowly add the castor sugar into the meringue – don’t beat too long (maybe 30 seconds) once you have done this as it will get watery.   Meringue mixture must still be stiff once the castor sugar has been added.

To complete :  Spoon the meringue mixture onto the lemon mixture in the pie dish and don’t flatten or fiddle with it too much – you want it to be as high as possible.


Bake for 20 minutes in the oven or until the meringue is golden in colour


Cool and eat


The best lemon meringue in the WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!