We all know the feeling… tired, burnt out, no energy and fatigued. All you want to do is cuddle up on the couch and not move or talk to anyone. But why do we get like this? There must be a reason I’m feeling so low?

This could be because you have emptied your piggy bank, spent all your energy and now you’re broke and have nothing more to give. Your body, just like your piggy bank, needs to be replenished and looked after so your reserves grow and do not diminish in the long term.

When we are stressed, be it due to financial issues or even due to continuous exposure to things that give us allergies, a whole lot of complex reactions happen in our bodies. Firstly we release adrenalin. This is that funny hormone that makes you feel all jittery after a close call with a big truck on the road. It’s the hormone that makes you either want to run away or fight. But it doesn’t always need to be excreted in such large volumes as when the truck nearly hits you. Some people just generally run on higher amounts of adrenalin, meaning that they have stress in their lives that causes adrenalin to be used all day and at all times. These people are typically pretty thin with poor muscle definition. They’re extremely anxious, suffer from hot flashes in midlife and generally have cold hands and feet.

The increased adrenalin causes an increase in another hormone, cortisol. Now this may all be sounding pretty confusing but basically we need cortisol to be released to increase our blood sugar so there is more energy available for the flight or fight reaction. Cortisol also decreases the immune response and causes blood to be re-directed away from areas that don’t need blood during the fight or flight response to important areas like our muscles. However, if we have a continued release of adrenalin then we have a continued release of cortisol. These people are depressed, anxious, gain weight around their tummies, are cold in their core and often get sick.

In response to the increased blood sugar by cortisol, insulin secretion is also increased so that the sugar can get from the blood to the cells to be used for energy. BUT now we have continuous adrenalin, cortisol and insulin release which results in being overweight all over the body, suffering from inflammation like skin rashes and arthritis and increasing risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So this all could result from prolonged stress! Sounds scary hey… well it could be life threatening if not treated properly by your doctor and dietitian as well as following stress management techniques to help replenish your piggy bank.

Read the next article to find out exactly how we can replenish our piggy banks and prevent the above scenario from happening.

by Megan Houghton