I think we have all paged through a magazine and come across a girl with the most perfect body, needless to say we experience a bit of envy because of course, we also want to look like that.  In a split second, you decide to hang the carrot in front of the donkey (which is yourself) and you aspire to look EXACTLY like that.  You find inspiration to train, and hope that you will look like that if you give it everything you’ve got.

There are few crucial errors in using this as motivation, but the most important, is that we are not all built with the same bricks.  Your DNA and someone else’s DNA is not the same.  The chances that your body will be composed of the same type of gene is not likely, so your results won’t be the same, and your body might react differently to exercise and a diet program.  Your metabolism might be slower, your muscle fibre composition might be different, your blood oxygen levels might vary, your digestion could be different, the rate you burn carbohydrates is different, where you store fat is different.  The list can go on quite a bit as you can see.

Instead of finding inspiration in others why don’t you try and find inspiration in yourself.  If you were once thinner, healthier, fitter or more active, why don’t you rather compare yourself to where you were, and work towards that goal.  If you were always the way you are now, why not take a photo of yourself (just the way you are for your eyes only), and set yourself new realistic goals eg.  Like starting with small goals for example, aim for 3 or 4 hours of activity per week or try cutting out a few unhealthy habits.   Another great idea is to keep a blog or a record of your goals and what you have achieved.

I think comparing ourselves to others is a soul-killer.  You set yourself unrealistic goals (more often than not), to achieve something which is physically impossible.  Every time you don’t reach that goal,  you break yourself down even more which is a step back and not a step forward.

Find Fitness Inspiration in yourself and become your own muse.  You owe it to yourself to love yourself and to look up to yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant or narcissistic.  Simply water your own garden with love and you will see it grow.  Who knows maybe your story can be the inspiration for someone else to flourish.