I had the absolute pleasure to review @GarminSA ‘s new VivoFit. The fitness band that helps to keep you active by setting your daily goals, tells you when you are sitting still for too long, how you have slept how many steps you have taken and how many more you still need to take. Apart from the fact that is a really cool looking watch, it really is an awesome little gadget to have if you are a fitness fan, pro or not.

What is in the box


In the box you will find two bands, one larger and one smaller so that there is something to fit boys and girls, all the colors are pretty unisex as well.  The “face” just pops out and fits easily into which ever band is the right size for you. In the box you will also find some small paper work and the Ant stick, which you don’t really need unless you have a computer that doesn’t sync with bluetooth. (As far as I understand it)

The best way to set up your VivoFit, and save yourself a heck of a lot of time and energy is to just download the Garmin Connect app on your phone and sync your VivoFit directly to your phone. Or at least, that is what I found worked the best for me.  Smart phones are really THAT smart. 

What Can the VivoFit do?

There is one control button on the far right side of the device when your palm is facing downwards and the device is on your left hand. When pressed consecutively the following will be displayed;


Tells you what time it is (you guessed it)

Date Month

Display’s date and month (no surprise there)


This feature will only work if you are wearing an ANT heart-rate monitor. You don’t have to wear a Garmin specific heart-rate monitor as long as your heart-rate monitor has the ANT sign at the back it will still function hand in hand with your VivoFit

I use the Garmin Heart-Rate monitor in conjunction with my VivoFit
I use the Garmin Heart-Rate monitor in conjunction with my VivoFit

The Step Counter

This feature counts the amount of steps you have taken and is quite accurate.

Step Counter Indicating The Steps You Have Taken During The Day


I love this feature. You set up your own personal information in the Garmin Connect Application and the Vivofit sets daily goals for you to achieve. Goals are measured in steps so it tells you exactly how many more steps you will need to take to reach your goal.


When pressed again it will reveal how far you have traveled for the day. You can set the distance from KM to miles which ever works better for you via the Garmin Connect App.


Distance in KM can also be set to Miles
Distance in KM can also be set to Miles



This feature tells you how many calories you have burned in accordance to the amount of steps you have taken.


When you press and hold the main control button it will automatically sink all the information on you VivoFit to your phone and you can conveniently see what you have achieved during the day. When you hold the main control button in past the sync function it will automatically go to “sleep” mode which will monitor your movement during the night.


The Garmin Connect App also all the different colors the VivoFit come in

A nice little extra, is that if you have been sitting for too long, a red line appears on the home screen that tells you to get your ass off the coach and start moving! WE LOVE THIS (I do anyways) I often get carried away with my work and end up sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time, if this is you and you need a reminder to get up and move, this one is for you.

Red Indicates you have been sitting for too long and that you need to UP your game!

I am a huge gadget fan but don’t always like the complexity that comes with some of the devices and figuring it all out is sometimes more effort than its worth. What I love about the #VivoFit, its 100% simple and user-friendly with all of the functionality that I need. Nothing more nothing less.

Looking for a fitness-band? I would definitely recommend this one!