When you have a limited time to get Back Into Shape, most people give 100% effort “everyday” with no rest and very little calorie consumption. This is the worst thing you can do, not only for your health but also for fat burning. Whether you need to get back into shape in 30 days or 3 months, you will find yourself burned out after a few days with this type of training. Your body needs Rest and Fuel to optimally burn fat

Why Proper Rest Is Important For Getting Back Into Shape

When the body does not get the necessary rest that it needs, it will not recover from the previous workout. This will cause a serious issue with the intensity level in the following workouts. And when time is limited, intensity is key.

How Intensity And Recovery Is Crucial For Anyone Trying To Get Back Into Shape

Anytime you want to burn a lot of fat in a short amount of time, your intensity for your workouts must be high. This will cause your metabolism to increase the rest of the day, placing your body in the best possible state for fat loss. When your body is sore or have low energy levels due to improper recovery timing, fat burning will suffer and motivation will decrease.

Getting Back Into Shape = Proper Nutrition

Recovery is more than just resting the muscles you worked. It has to do with repairing those muscles through correct nutrition. In order to get back into shape, you can not starve your body. Neglecting foods for a period of time, especially during times of high intensity workouts will lead to fat storage and muscle loss instead of fat loss. Just as insufficient resting between workouts will decrease your intensity levels, incorrect or insufficient nutrition will do the same.

Now that we covered the basic mistakes, here are some tips on how to get back into shape for that special occasion.

Getting Back Into Shape Tip #1 – Don’t Procrastinate

The mentality of I will start tomorrow will lead into I will start next week. This type of mind set must be eliminated. Take action right now and begin as soon as possible.

Getting Back Into Shape Tip #2 – Planning

Write down a workout schedule. Set certain times reserved just for exercising and certain days just for recovery. Everyday leading up to your special event should be planned out.

Getting Back Into Shape Tip #3 – No Excuses

There will be no excuse for you not to get back into shape. If you don’t have a gym membership or exercise equipment at home, that is okay. There are still plenty of workouts that require no equipment or machines that you can do outside or inside your home.

Written by – Henry Chervenka