1.  Beautiful Bailey, I think one of the first things about you that everyone notice is your radiance.  What is your secret and what in your opinion is the most important ingredient to being beautiful?

Being a positive person. Being happy is a choice. Life happens and horrid things happen to all of us, but if we can take the lesson from it and grow to be a stronger person, I think that makes someone really beautiful. Being confident within yourself is beautiful and having a happy outlook on life brings out your inner light that allows you to “glow.”

2.  How do you keep fit in your busy lifestyle?

I won’t lie; it isn’t the easiest thing. I train now at 5am -thanks to the USN Challenge, with my personal trainer Jono Cloete. Yes, 5am, crazy, right?… But it’s invigorating. We train outdoors, which I love and I start my day off getting my heart racing and the endorphins pumping.  It just sets the day up to be great.I’ve had to start slowly because I am so unfit, but the great thing is that each day I’m getting fitter and stronger.

3.  Tell us about your USN challenge and how you got involved with that?

I have always wanted to do it, but it’s seemed daunting and I wasn’t sure I had enough motivation to do it. Seems silly, when the motivation should be to lose weight…  Expresso Show on SABC 3 approached me to be one of their celebrities doing the Celeb Challenge. I JUMPED at the opportunity. It was only after I said “Yes” that I suddenly thought “Oh good grief… I’m going to have my BEFORE photo in a BIKINI splashed on National TV…”

I was also a little skeptical because I always naively thought that only big beefcake gym guys take supplements or I thought they had steroids in them (LOL.) It’s been amazing to see how wrong that is and how important supplements are.  They can really help and enhance the right eating and exercise plan.

4.  Have you always been very active?  What would your advice be to anyone who would like to embark on an exercise routine?

I was active at school thanks to the sports activities, but on leaving school I didn’t really pay attention. I’ve been one of those girls who never really had to watch her weight, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve taken that for granted and it’s caught up with me. It’s only been in the last 18 months to 2 years that I’ve created a better attitude with my body and my lifestyle. I am not someone who really likes exercise but I know how good I feel afterwards. If you’re starting for the first time, don’t be shy… just start. Take the plunge and start slowly. There is no race… it’s just you honouring yourself.

I love these quotes:

“You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe away the sweat.”


“A year from now, you will wish you had started today” ~Karen Lamb.

5.  What would you say is the key to balance and happiness?

Celebrating the small things in life and making time for the important things. Spending time with people who uplift you and encourage you and don’t detract from you.

6.  3 things that make you smile?

My family & friends, my English Bulldog puppy, Duke and Vanilla Tea.

7.  Who is your fitness role-model who do you think have the most perfect bod?  Did you have a role model as a kid that you laugh about today?

My role model is my BFF Karolina Sky – she is beautiful inside and out and really takes good care of herself. She’s a busy person who still manages to maintain a healthy lifestyle  – it’s something we can all aspire for (and reach.) She’s always unconditionally encouraging me and supporting me and that is rare to find these days.

8.  What is your ultimate fitness/achievement goal?

I want to be toned, fit and healthy – that’s really it. I’ve been a given a certain body shape, with curves and I want to be the best version of myself. It’s not about being a “perfect number” as in weight… it’s about feeling good about myself, being able to wear clothes that I love and being healthy every single day. I want to achieve that and maintain it.

9.  What is your favorite cheat snack?

I used to have such a sweet tooth, but as I’m getting older, that’s changed. I adore popcorn and salt and vinegar crisps. Sigh.

10.   If you had to run the comrades and you had to choose one person to be with you the whole way who would it be and why?

Brad Brown – his story is amazing. He started running weighing over 100+kgs and during this process he lost so much weight. We always joke that he’s gone on to lose Justin Bieber and a Jonas Brother in weight… He has run the Comrades and even done Iron Man. I reckon he would inspire me to keep going and keep running.

International celeb wise: I’d chose Kate Hudson – she’s my favourite actress purely because I love her bubbliness. I reckon we’d just laugh our way across the finish line.

11.  What is your verdict: super skinny or voluptuous?

Voluptuous … super skinny doesn’t always look good and being skinny, doesn’t necessarily mean healthy either. I think a woman is beautiful and sexy when she has curves.

12.  Your most grueling physical challenge ever?

Doing the internal swing at the Orlando Towers for the Top Billing Presenter Search, 2010 – it wasn’t overly physical – it was more mental and emotional, but I was so proud I did it – especially with my terrifying fear of heights.

A physical challenge I’m hoping to still complete would be the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge… I’ve attempted it (first time I landed up in hospital the week before it and the second time I was entered *under duress* and because it hadn’t been my choice, I didn’t really train for it and got an injury) … My head needs to be right and my body needs to be ready. Third time lucky, right?

13.  Give us your secret Bailey recipe to try at home (this doesn’t have to be overly healthy)

I love roast chicken, roast potatoes and veges with gravy. I prepare my chicken by placing fresh basil leaves under the skin, cutting a lemon and placing it into the chicken cavity, drizzling it with olive oil and course salt and roasting.

I roast my potatoes with olive oil, course salt and fresh sprigs of rosemary.

It’s so simple, somewhat healthy and comforting.

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Radio Presenter 94.7 Highveld Sterio, Voice over artist, emcee and blogger of Vanilla Blonde.  Addicted to Vanilla Tea, Toblerone, Shoes and my Blackberry 🙂 http://baileyschneidersblog.blogspot.com/