When I first laid my hands on the Citta Horizon treadmill for review, you would excuse me wondering if working from “The Treadmill” could actually be a “thing”.  So before I get into the technical nitty-gritty of the Horizon Treadmill, I actually just wanted to take a moment to applaud Horizon for this new-age working woman’s dream.

Treadmills can be over bulky and a real white elephant in the corner.   With the Horizon, I found that the easy up and down storage mechanism made the machine fold away real smoothly.  Transition into working mode was a dream, effortless and super easy.  This meant I could store it away easily and it was not an eyesore.  I like the fact that it does not make already small spaces look even smaller.

The design of the treadmill is aesthetically pleasing with its black and rose gold design its features fit into almost any room.

With functionality, “less is more” is really the motto of this machine.  It has the basics, speed, incline, time elapse, wifi and contact hart rate grips.  It supports a 1.5 CHP drive motor and a weight of up to 115kgs.  The removable desk and handrails are optional which gives you flexibility with your order.

I have to add, in my experience, if a brand applies too many complicated functions and settings, and you are not a serious athlete, it just adds to the bulk of the machine computer and a lot of the settings go un-used anyways.

These treadmills are great to have if you have a home gym, or just need to get the cardio in without compromising your work-time.  I would not recommend this machine for commercial or serious/competitive speed or sport training.

The selling price is R14 250 or you can purchase on financing at R544 per month.  Contact sales@ftworld.co.za for more information.

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