Sure there are many articles out there that tell you exactly what to do to be successful in your training program but not many that tell you what to do to fail. I would like to take some time to put this advice out into the cyber-world with hopes that it could put a few things into perspective and to help you avoid the common mistakes people make when starting a program.  This is a fun fact and opinion piece, advice I would give my friends so please take it as it is intended.


Yes, there is something like a wrong reason to train. These include training to impress someone (other than yourself eg that hunky boy that just started working at the office) or trying to compete with someone else perhaps a friend/rival or even training for a partner/spouse who “forces you” to train. If this is your reason for training, you are sure to fail. Why? If your reason (which is an outside factor) fizzles out your training program will fizzle out along with the romance and or obsession (which ever comes first) Training should always be for yourself or your health not for any other reason. Why don’t you pop into your nearest doctor or bio, and get a health assessment done to see where you are and where you need to be. That should be reason enough!


Nothing worse than walking into a gym or other training facility, you don’t know what to do, you don’t know how to use the equipment and you are petrified of making a mistake and everyone laughs at you. The good old fear of shame thats ruined so many training programs its scary. This usually happens to all of us when we start something new. Why not skip the awkwardness and re-search what it is exactly, what you are going to do, and how you are going to do it. There are so many video tutorials these days. Do your re-search properly, and instead of standing around and knocking yourself out with a lateral pulldown bar, walk in and own it. You will also feel more confident and your workout will be MUCH more effective and enjoyable which will also lead to better results.


Please do us all a favor, if it doesn’t fits it should not be worn, too big too small, too uncomfortable? Don’t wear it. Anything you are feeling uncomfortable in, will get in the way of doing the training program properly and you will also look uncomfortable. If you do this continuously, you will probably give up on your training program because you feel out of place and self concious. You don’t want to spend the session wondering if your g-string is showing, or wondering if your pants are going to fall off. You must get yourself practical, easy wearing, comfortable gear, to enable you to do your exercises effectively. Remember what the goal is here, to be successful in your new training program not to look cool on Instagram.


Yawn. Ok this goes without saying. If you eat apples everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner, chances are by week 3 you will not want to see another apple in your life. Same goes for training. Try alternate between weights, cardio, indoors, outdoors, machines, free weights, sport, running, cycling etc. To stay active you don’t have to bore yourself to death. I really recommend seeing what is happening in your area and join a club or something you are really interested in.


Whatever you do DON’T WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY DAY. There is a very good reason for this. The scale is a evil, evil tool from the devil to torment you to scoff as many cream donuts you can find as result of training-program-failure. Why do we do it? Because we want a pat on the back to say, well done you have trained a whole week and you have lost 5kg’s. Its the real world. It doesn’t work that way. Remember how ever much weight you have to lose, was not accumulated in a week and it is not going to disappear in a week. And the big secret that everyone knows but no-one believes; Muscle weighs more than fat, chances are, if you are doing it right, you actually might pick up a bit of weight and then start getting lean and toned. Just get rid of the scale. #ThatsAll


I am not even going to elaborate on this. The formula is simple; set small goals and achieve them, then move the benchmark, so that you can better yourself. This will feel amazing, it will make you strong, make your body strong, build your self confidence, give you measurable results and give you that beautiful sense of achievement which shows in every area of your life. Again, Rome was not built in a day, neither were those muffin tops, so take it easy.


Jinne, I talk here from own experience. Have you ever gone to the shop hungry? Result: half of Woolies ending in the pantry. Now imagine this scenario; you go train, your glucose levels are depleted, you get home and all there is to eat is a dozen cream donuts, a pack of chips and a slab of chocolate. Alas, somewhere in the deep dungeons of the freezer is a chicken breast. Which one are you going to eat? I rest my case. The chicken breast definitely didn’t get on the list. I find if you prepare meals (even in bulk) for pre and post workout you tend to eat a lot better and your results are phenomenal. Implement this and you will surprise yourself with your results. Oh and, shop right. Eat before you go shopping, plan your meals, don’t have crap in the pantry. Only stuff that is good for you! Even treats should be stuff that is actually good for you. Again, you are worth it.


So this famous Dr, rhymes with Dr Thin Oaks a believer in the the fatkins diet (commonly referred to as banting) was not always a big pro High fat low carb. He actually in sport always promoted the high carb low fat method of eating. Both really had one thing in common, extreme and unnatural way of eating. I always say that a diet should be balanced and it should incorporate all food groups in adequate proportions. Speaking of Portions, six small ones is great for keeping that metabolism going. Eating any other way is not a sustainable lifestyle choice. You must be able to follow your diet as a lifestyle plan not just something for now. Your body is like a car motor, it needs energy (carbs) to perform optimally and protein to rebuild, fat for keeping organs safe and many other complex functions eg transporting nutrients etc. Don’t stuff with the system you will always come second.


Accountability is the thing here. We live in a day and age where everything we want is at our fingertips usually at a price, but quickly achievable. They call it the NOW-Generation. We want to lose weight and get fit, we want it now. It doesn’t work that way with training and weight loss unfortunately. If you have spent a long time not training, not eating right and kind of letting go, its not going to reverse itself over night. It takes hard work, it takes commitment, it takes making an effort and doing your part. There are no pills or ways to make it happen overnight. There are things you can do to achieve your results a bit quicker, but don’t expect a miracle overnight. It aint going to happen and by having that mentality you are setting up for failure and disappointment!


I am not saying having the support of others is a no-no. Of course we need the ones we love to support our weight loss and fitness ventures. Its a lovely tool to use to keep us motivated. To have a training program with a friend is a great tool to help you keep on the the right track. Just don’t be 100% dependant on others to keep you on track. Its your responsibility, Its your journey and its not punishment. You have ups and downs like everyone else but if the day comes that you have to pick yourself up and soldier through you always need to be your own number 1 motivator and supporter.

Last but not least a personal note. Don’t be overly hard on yourself. You have to remember to love you and treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. If you do fail, which I honestly believe you won’t. Start again and never give up. Much love xxx