There are many different theories when it comes to a balanced life. I have always believed in a healthy balance with regards to eating, training, rest and having fun. Recently I been have asked to get involved with an interesting project involving Cadbury Dairy Milk named  #WhatsYourFlavourSA project. In a nutshell, (pun totally intended) the website will work out your chocolate soulmate is. I decided to check it out. Guess what? I am the Mint Mix Maniac, (It all makes sense now especially the maniac part  The next step for me was to apply my chocolate soulmate, to what I write about.  It was challenging because what I write about is health, fitness, training, balanced living and the unspoken rule is that all of the above does not mix with chocolate. So let’s talk about the importance of mixing things around when it comes to your lifestyle.

We often get told, cut out chocolate and junk, only train like this, only eat protein then the next, only eat carbs. I can see how this could confuse the chocolate chips out of anyone (see what I did there) but in fact the recipe to healthy living is really simple and the answer, really lies in the MIX

Mix Your Food

You were never made to just eat carbohydrates, or just protein and no sugar. Those theories do not work as a sustainable lifestyle objective. Your objective should be to eat various healthy foods, unprocessed, and as close to its natural form as possible. Not to cut them out. Also eat them in the correct portions as below.

Mix Your Exercise

Gone are the days where we have to walk yourself to Egypt on a treadmill just to finish up, and still be at the gym. We have so many options for training. You no longer have the excuse that gym is boring, and the stationary bike is a torture chamber development from the 1950’s. There are SO many fun-runs, like the Impi Challenge, and bike trails even Bootcamps etc. and can I say they are a LOT of fun so start mixing and matching your exercise.  Give yourself the variety and training you need to stay healthy! Another word of advice, mix and match your rest and training days. Don’t over-do training otherwise you will become bored.

Mix Your Eating Routine

I must say, I usually eat very clean and healthy but what really works for me, is that I have incorporated healthy eating into my lifestyle.  This means the style I choose for my life.  Not just for now but forever.  It is sustainable because I do allow myself to eat chocolate for example when I feel like it. I balance what I should eat less of, and only allow myself treats occasionally. If you feel like you need to incorporate this into your lifestyle to keep a balance but afraid that you might lose control, why not mix your healthy eating days with one day off where you can eat what you want? Ideally it should become a lifestyle and you must be able to mix your diet without having to allocate a “cheat day”

Mix Your Lifestyle

Even though you should make sure you eat right, train right, drink enough water, sleep enough the list goes on. You also need to make sure you have enough fun. We all need to play and have fun, it’s not just meant for children. Laughing with friends, going out, relaxing all of those have a role to play in our lives, and we need to constantly ensure we have all of the above in balance. Mixing your lifestyle up, is the only way to true balance and a feeling of contentedness in our lives, and this is something I will always encourage.

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Whole Nut| Notably Nutty

Witty, whimsical, and sometimes completely off-the-wall, you’re a typical joker, always looking for bit of fun. The one thing people can be sure of with you is that there’s always a funny – and sometimes funny – has an answer for everything.

Mint Crisp | Madly Minty

Aah, Madly Minty… You’re an upbeat and bright character, who is highly unique and a slick charmer to boot. You are, of course, also super cool and you always have a fresh new take on things.

Top Deck Mint | Mint Mix Maniac

With twice as much energy as anyone else, and always wanting to mix things up, you love life and are adventurous with most things. Because you’re always taking things to the extreme, you’re also cool and focused, with a definite edge.

Top Deck | Double Trouble

You’re a double-trouble kind of character with two definite sides, each as fantastic as the other. Seemingly sweet and demure on the one hand, and yet mischievous on the other, you like to live out both sides of the story.

Caramello | Caramello Crazy

You’re a real smooth talker, with definite sex appeal. But that doesn’t mean you’re superficial. Not at all. You have a heart of gold and a really sweet side, which is probably what makes you so desirable.

Fruit and Nut | Fruit and Nutter

You’re super smart, a bit of a nutter, but you certainly have a wholesome side too. Your quirky, combo personality makes you really interesting to hang out with, as others never quite know what they’re going to get next.

Cashew and Coconut | Cashew-coco-loco

Loving summer vibes, you’re a laid-back island type who is loyal, happy, easy and breezy. You’re also a charming romantic, loco about travelling and are always happy to hang out with friends.

Oreo | Oreo Obsessed

Being one-of-a-kind and moreish, you’re an irresistible combination of all the best bits. Being a social butterfly means you’re always doing things that are a little unexpected, but that’s what makes you so delightful.

Cadbury Dairy Milk | Plain and Simple

Classic and timeless, others always know that with you, what they see is what they get. You always find beauty in the simpler things in life and really rather enjoy routine. You’re straight up, honest and to the point.

Biscuit | Biscuit Besotted

You are strong, ambitious, bold and loud, and a wee bit rough around the edges. You certainly come with a bit of a bite, but – hey – that’s what really adds to your appeal.

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