I took the Jabra Active headphones for a run to see how they perform and here is my ten cents worth;

The headphones are really stunning as far as looks go in all three options; yellow, black and white.  The packaging is also very presentable, its obviously whats IN the packaging that really matters!

Finding headphones that really fit really well, is very important when training.  I found that the complicated designed earpiece didn’t fit quite as awesome as I would have imagined, although they didn’t fall out it really felt weird in my ear and not snug as a bug as I hoped it would.

The pack includes various fittings to accommodate all ear sizes.  Other features that are quite out standing is the fact that they are water and sweat resistant.  They have a volume control mechanism in reach so that you don’t have to control the volume via your phone or MP3 player.  The headphones are also easily used with your phone to answer calls and used as a normal hands free unit for your mobile phone, another plus is the fact that talking in the wind is a bit less frustrating with a wind protection mechanism.

The downside is that there is a bit of a noise bleed so taking your headphones for a run would be ideal and perhaps not to the gym.  I also didn’t want to put the volume up to high as it caused a bit of distortion on the sound.