I have a 4 year old boy. Like every other mom and her little boy, he worships me and I love him more than what you can ever explain to anyone unless you are a mom yourself. From the moment you fall pregnant, you start preparing to be the best mom you can be. The pressure is fueled by other moms who un-knowingly or knowingly fuel your never achievable, perfect mom image and before you know it you have been set up to fail. Why? Being a perfect mom, or being any kind of perfect, is an unachievable goal. It does not have an achievable outcome. Perfect according to who? We are all different, our homes are different, our personalities are different, our visions, history, circumstances, financial positions, work goals are all different. More importantly, just like us, our children are different.

I have come across other mom’s who ask me (constantly), how do you make time to train, you are working during the day, some evenings, should you not be spending more time with your child? As a mom I believe that to do the very best I can do, and to be the very best I can be, I NEED a healthy balance. In my life, I am a working mom, but I do make time to train, there is always a way to juggle your life and to balance it out. There are many times I have to say “no” to one thing to accommodate another but we must not underestimate the importance of training and making time to do so. We all make mistakes and it is not always perfect but the good news is that you don’t always have to be.

Every time you fly, the flight attendant says you should cover your face with the face mask before attending to a child. This is not an absurd stratagy. If you take care of yourself first, your are a better equipped human to be able to take care of your little ones and the ones around you. By training, your quality of life becomes better, you feel better about yourself, you play better, you stress less, you look better, you are healthier. All of these components will tie-in, to make YOU a better mom. Don’t ever let society’s perception of “being a mom”, come in the way of you looking after yourself and taking time to train.

Make time today!

  • If hubby or mom/sister/friend is around, ask her to take care of little one/s for an hour and a half.
  • Start small. You don’t have to have a gym contract, or be and Olympic medalist to start a training program. Try this beginners walking program
  • Wake up earlier and go to bed earlier. This will give you a few extra hours in the day.
  • Gym’s cater for kids these days, and they are not to pricey especially on the Discovery Vitality programme find them on Twitter @Discovery_SA
  • Learn to say no, you don’t have to be everything to everyone. Balance your life.
  • Pre-make your dinners on the weekend and freeze them that way you don’t have to spend time cooking.  Also have a look at @EatFitChef or @BodyBite for pre-made healthy meals
  • Go train during lunch time and kill two birds with one stone
  • Invest in a jogging pram you get ones where more than one child can fit into, even a child and infant. Again you don’t have to spend a fortune you can buy a second hand one online.
  • Buy a training video and do it at home. Fun for you and the little ones.