Who is THAT Nicole?  Nicole da Silva is a driven go-getter radio girl presenter/ MC/DJ who is willing to try anything once. When not hosting a show on 5FM she’s ticking off her bucket list or learning to cook like a good Portuguese girl. Finishing off her second degree (Journalism honours at Wits) following her BSc. She is a fan of honesty, her iPhone, music, photography and travel. Current high heel junkie and owner of the worlds best dimples.  She does midnight-3am Monday-Friday and she often stands in for Sasha Martinengo, KB, Grant & Anele and Rob Vember amongst others

Nicole is on a mission to make the world live with no regrets and three-day weekends.  Here is how she combines fun, lifestyle and happiness into one winning recipe;

1.  Being a DJ often means late night night time slots.  What is your secret to looking fresh and well rested during the day?

Nicole: I pick up weight easily and strange work hours and eating habits don’t help. Sticking to a healthy eating plan with no fast food or junk food during the week and trying to get at least 7 hours sleep helps. I also replaced coffee with green tea.

2.  What does your average training program consist out of and how does this fit into your busy schedule?

Nicole: I run as often as I can. It works for me because I can fit in a session when I wake up before my day starts or before dinner. I also have a trainer that pushes me at the gym. Lately it’s been difficult to find a time to fit that in because my schedule changes so often so I’ve been relying on the running and diet.

3.  You are an avid runner.  What is your advice for someone who would like to start out on a running program?

Nicole: Just start. Don’t be hard on yourself. Find a program that has walk run intervals that build up to your desired distance and just put in the time. Your body will do the rest.

4. Running is not the easiest exercise program to stick to what keeps you motivated?

Nicole: Having a schedule to stick to keeps me focused. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re far away from your goal distance so the small weekly goals help me.

5.  I always love hearing what peoples definition of a balanced lifestyle is, what defines balance in your life?

Nicole: For me a balanced lifestyle includes work, friends, family and alone time. Eating healthily which is Low GI, fresh fruit and veggies, small portions of meat during the week and allowing a little lea way on the weekends. It’s also important to have work, play and down time.

6.  Everyone has a favorite cheat, what is the one treat you simply can’t do without?  Are you very strict on your diet?

Nicole: Mozzarella cheese and dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has become my new favourite thing. It’s the right kind of indulgence because it has flavonoids and real cocoa butter as opposed to refined sugars. I go through phases of being strict and not. If there’s an event I’m preparing for I’m 100% if not I’m a lot more relaxed.

7.  5 Beauty products you live by?

Nicole: Eye liner, MAC concealer, Regim A cleanser & toner in one, perfume and Zam-Buk for dry lips

8.  Being a DJ you obviously have a passion for music.  What type music do you listen to whilst you train and what are your recommendations for “must have” training tracks?

Nicole: Eclectic is the word to use here because the music I train to isn’t always the music I listen to in the car or at home. I have Jamiroquai, Kanye West, The Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Moby, Alanis Morissette, Timbaland and Linkin Park on shuffle. I think must haves are a personal choice. You need something that gets you motivated to push through the discomfort and pick up the pace. Angry music often works for me (Alanis, Kanye and Linkin Park), but anything with a hot beat works too. David Guetta, Avicii and Rihanna help me out in that department.

9.  What is the one accomplishment that you would like to add to your long list of achievements?

Nicole: I’d like to do the New York City marathon and climb Kilimanjaro.

10.  If there is one bit of advice you can give anyone with a big dream, what would it be?

Nicole: Write it down and think about the steps you need to make to achieve it, then you need to find things that can help you achieve it and start putting them into action. Your dream needs to be in your face. Write it, read it, get pictures of it and talk about it. Only then will it be less of a dream and more of a goal.

11.  What makes you smile no matter how angry you are?

Nicole: A funny message from my younger brother.

12. Please share with us your favorite recipe to try at home;

Nicole: Wow. Okay…I am culinarily challenged, but I can make a killer chicken salad…?

Its very basic but I love it!

Thinly slice raw chicken breasts and fry in olive oil and lemon juice. Place on top of a mix of lettuce, rosa tomatoes, crumbed feta, avo and cashews. Add olive oil and balsamic to taste