Nigella Lawson, the curvy 52 year old TV chef has disclosed her weight loss secret from a voluptuous size 16, to a slimer 12.   Most of the weight loss is thanks to cutting down on alcohol and being more strict with her diet.   She also committed to an exercise routine consisting of running on the treadmill after ditching her previous pilates regime stating  “its the only thing that means I can still eat”

What makes her treadmill running expedition so sexy is the fact that she runs in a bra and trainers locked in her bedroom with the music pumping disco 80’s, singing along to forget about the world.

“I’ve got a terrible voice. It clears my head because I’m such a frantic worrier. But if you sing really loud, even for just 15 minutes, those worries can’t take hold.”

In an interview with the January issue of Red magazine, Lawson said she wanted her children to have a relaxed attitude to food because her own childhood memories were of hating mealtimes

“I really didn’t like eating as a child,” she recalled. “If you didn’t eat everything, it was brought back cold at the next meal. Lancashire hotpot brought back again and again – I remember putting it in the bin and hoping not to get found out and, of course getting found out.

“At boarding school I used to read recipe books and think of all the nice food I wasn’t eating.”
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