I have been predominantly active for most of my life so I don’t really have an amazing story about how I was one way and exercise miraculously changed me or anything like that.  What I do want to accomplish and that was always the goal with this website is to help inform people with diet, exercise, and general health and fitness.  Sharing information this can make a difference and help achieve goals.

Life is a journey but its not about reaching the destination, it’s about all the wonderful things you encounter along the way.  I always believed that you can only encounter these things by being the best possible YOU that you can be for yourself firstly and then for others.  It’s so important for you to love yourself and feel good about yourself because this is the only way other people can feel good about you.  The thing is the journey of life is special and fun and you can only do it once, I believe it will be a whole lot more fun if you are fit, healthy and body-confident, which ever shape or size you are!
If you are looking to start a training program and healthy eating plan there is no better time than now!  Some people enjoy waiting it out and make excuses about starting Monday, next month, next year etc. but the truth is there is no results in procrastination and the only way to start a long journey is with one single step in the right direction.  The wonderful thing about exercising is that you don’t have to wait before you feel better, within the first 30 minutes of training the brain releases endorphins that make you feel wonderful!  No pills required!  If you train only for this reason it would be sufficient but the health benefits and weight-loss, I think you will agree, is definitely not unwelcome!
Once you get started, you will probably like me, get addicted!  There are so many ways to train to keep you pre occupied for eternity!  A couple of great motivators are;
–  Choose an event or a goal to work towards like running a race or taking up a weight loss challenge like “Body for Life” for example.
–  When you embark on your journey make sure you choose something that you really enjoy and that you will WANT to wake up early for.
–  Get a partner or a wingman that goes on the journey with you, somebody to run with or a gym partner.  Choose wisely because this person needs to keep you motivated and the last thing you need is “moaning Martha” on the treadmill next to you complaining the whole time
–   Join a running club that have people with the same interest as you.  Its great for meeting new people and as a support group
–  Personal trainers are great if you can afford one if not don’t stress there are loads of exercise magazines websites and helpful people that can show you the way!
–  Variation is imperative!  Don’t bore yourself to death by doing the same thing over and over again.  If you gym 3 days run the other days for example.
–  Learn more.  Read everything health and exercise the key to success is also very much knowledge and preparation.  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!
–  Monitor your progress.  Nothing nicer than fitting into those old jeans that was 3 sizes smaller, or losing cm on the measuring tape, running 3 km further than the week before, lifting 2 km heavier than the month before etc.
–  Keep a journal, its always great to see where you started when you look back one day, but by doing this you can also write what you did right, wrong, monitor your progress and see where you can do better.
–  Don’t be unrealistic, setting yourself goals which are impossible to achieve or achieving them in an unhealthy way will leave you empty and emotions of failure is not the goal.  The goal is first to feel good by achieving (regardless what your aim is) the rest is a bonus!
–  Stick a photo of your idol ors someone with your ideal weight or sports hero on your mirror so you know where you are working towards.  I also like writing things on my mirror that motivates me every time I read it.  A nice one is “every day in every way I am getting stronger and better”
The good news is that you won’t be doing it alone.  In the next few weeks I am breaking my (now stale) routine and embarking on a new fitness journey of my own.  I will be posting pics, training programs, problems that I encounter along my journey and how to solve them as well as advice advice advice! I will be posting my goals and you are welcome to share your story, goals and journey with us as well.   We also will be sharing in the active lifestyles of local celebrities as well as their tips advice and success stories to motivate you along the way.  We will cover every subject from supplements, equipment and awesome healthy eating recipes and active lifestyle products to injuries and treatment, exercises to try out etc.  I am also going to include a body-beautiful “how to” guide on absolutely everything!
The most important thing to remember is this journey should not be done for someone else only for YOURSELF.  Never attempt this to make your ex jealous or to impress the sexy guy at the gym with the cute pair of b.. I mean legs!  These people may be unimportant to you a month down the line then you will lose your motivation.
These are just a few hints that I found useful.  I am by no means perfect but I live my life to the fullest and so should you!  Your opportunity is today, now. If you are still waiting to get started remember.  Life is happening already and all it takes is one step!

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