I love taking a break from the Gym environment at least four times a week to spend some time in the beautiful out doors, training. I find the biggest factor (especially in summer) that comes in the way of getting most out of your workout is the African sun. Considering that skin is the largest organ in the body, it makes most of us reluctant to apply sun protection religiously before we hit the road for a training session. Unfortunately we are not really in the position to conveniently skip this (what should be a) routine as sun damage could leave you with irreversible cancer, prematurely aged skin, unsightly moles and pigmentation as well as other unsightly skin disorders.



When your skin is over exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) rays it actually causes radiation damage to the skin. The reason why the skin gets darker during exposure to the sun is the body produces more melanin, which is basically the body’s defense mechanism. A mild sunburn is usually the damaged caused to the fist level of the skin (epidermis). Non-malignant skin tumors is usually the first result of over excessive Ultraviolet radiation.


Prevention is better than cure and I think the best thing is to try and stay out of the sun during peak hours from 11:00 am to 3:00pm but this is not always possible especially when competing in full day races and activities.

I would really recommend a sunscreen for the face as well as the body. I have recently discovered a really fantastic sun-care product that was made especially for very active people namely:


The Piz Buin Active Range


The Active formula builds on Piz Buin’s heritage in outdoor activities and sports by providing a long-lasting solution for people who demand more from their sunscreen. During tests, it not only stood up to the challenges of professional athletes, but also exceeded the expectation of consumers. Piz Buin Active is available in two forms – Active Spray and Active Lotion.


Both feature Piz Buin’s broad sun filter technology with resilient, photostable UVA and UVB which protect against both aging and burning effects of the sun, respectively.



Piz Buin Active lotion SPF 15 and 30 as well as Active Spray SPF 20


Please visit www.pizbuin.com for more information on these wonderful products.

BE SUNSAFE and enjoy the out doors!


Wikipedia FACT: The first effective sunscreen may have been developed by chemist Franz Greiter in 1938. The product, called Gletscher Crème (Glacier Cream), subsequently became the basis for the company Piz Buin (named in honor of the place Greiter allegedly obtained the sunburn that inspired his concoction), which is still today a marketer of sunscreen products. It has been estimated that Gletscher Crème had a sun protection factor of 2.