Freshpak to rename Tea Range in line with new food labelling act


CAPE TOWN, MAY 2012: South African consumers will soon notice their favourite Freshpak Teas

have new names, highlighting their functional ingredients rather than their functional benefits.

Freshpak Shape will now be known as Freshpak Hoodia, Digestive as Senna, and Energy as Ginseng.

Freshpak is committed to fair labelling practices, and the new names are intended to assist

consumers in making healthier food choices in line with packaging legislation.


The new food labelling regulations align South Africa with international trends and standards and

will be enforceable from 1 March 2012.  Designed to protect consumers from misleading labelling

and advertising, the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectant Act (FCDA) will prevent food companies

from making unsubstantiated claims on or about their products.  The Act makes it easier for

consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions by ensuring they have access to honest,

accurate and relevant information on the labels of all foods.


The Act is particularly relevant in the Speciality tea arena, as an increasing number of people begin

to appreciate the role their diets play in their overall health and wellbeing, and fill their shopping

baskets accordingly.  This trend is strong in Speciality teas; with sales growing at over 200% in

volume over the last year, led by Freshpak.


The Freshpak Tea Range is designed to assist consumers in their quest for wellness and vitality by

providing convenient products that fit seamlessly into their busy lifestyles.  The teas contain

ingredients that have been used for centuries as natural aids to common problems:

–  Hoodia has been used by the San Kalahari Bushmen as a substitute for food and water to

reduce hunger pangs during long hunts

–   Senna was popular with the ancient Egyptians for assistance with the digestive system

–   Ginseng is used by the Chinese as a natural energy booster and to counter the effects of



The renaming of this tea range not only demonstrates Freshpak’s commitment to fair labelling, it

also reinforces the brand’s continued focus on differentiation, innovation and leadership.  To this

end, the renaming exercise will be supported by point-of-sale material and communication

strategies that will focus not only on educating consumers about the name change, but also on the

benefits products, which naturally contain anti-oxidants.