When it comes to home appliances we are a bit spoilt for choice. We are all after the most convenient way of doing things, in the quickest possible time. Plenty of brands have to “fight to the death” to be first and best to feed the never ending beast called the Now Generation.


One brand that never compromises on quality, and never has to lick competitor-inflicted wounds, is the Breville product range. Their newest health product called The Boss To Go boasts the super confident “Smoother Smoothies, from a smoother cup” slogan. They were also on par with their design on this bad boy. I have put it to the test to see how it drives 🙂

What is in the box?

  • 2 x 500ml Tritan Tumblers (one for you one for me)
  • 1 x 700ml Tritan Tumbler (only for me)
  • 3 x travel lids
  • 1 x Stainless steel grinding container
  • 1 x Metal base
  • 1 x Kinetix Blade and bowl system

Boss To Go review thejogblog

Lets get going. The first thing on a product like this which is really important is the motor, the Boss To Go boasts a 1000w motor which gives you a 42% smoother ingredient blend than the Nutribullet which is only 600w. There is also an over load protector for motor protection. Better safe than sorry I always say. The base of the machine is made out of durable die-cast metal. All of this makes for a durable product and I think the life-span of this product would be quite long.

I think something that really stood out was the blade and bowl system. The blade is designed with an intense folding action, which pulls the ingredients down. This unique design is known by its registered trademark, Kinetix.

Brigitte Willers Boss To Go The Jog Blog

When I started stacking ingredients for my first fix. (I have been in this game for a while) I loved the fact that I make more than the average allowance for the normal size human. If you have ever met me you would know what I mean. The 700ml container is a dream come true for me and when you don’t like sharing and you have visitors the two 500ml EXTRA containers come in really handy. The grip and design is better in every way because it actually fits within your hands natural grip.  These containers are also safe to use in a dishwasher and will not break or get that old roughed up plasticky look.
Brigitte Willers Boss To Go Breville


The lid had me at “hello”. I am always on the run, I drink on the run, I have social time on the run, I have breakfast on the run and I also put my make up on the run. I think you get where I am going. The lid is designed especially for people like me. It is a one screw lid that fits in an instant and becomes your best friend. The drinking holes lid snaps back and hooks automatically so doesn’t fall back on your face and neither does your smoothie.

HWI-BPB500BKS_3When it came to producing the goods I was really happy with the output. The money was where the mouth was. It chewed through almonds berries, peels, pips, whole fruits and vegetables, tough seeds, harder leaves, ice cubes, frozen fruit, (and please be careful because it might love fingers too).

And then last but not least is the stainless steal silver mill and grind. This is from anything from coffee beans to ground nuts, spices, peppercorn, preparing other recipes (I have used it to mill oats for a face mask) etc. 

My verdict is that this little power house is a great product and one that will be staying. I find the Breville quality is never disappointing, and this has proven true also for the Boss To Go. Its efficiency makes my morning smoothie, and after work smoothie chop chop on the go to gym.

If you are a beginner you will also be glad to know there is a very informative recipe book to get you on the go to a healthier you. 

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The Jog Blog Breville Win

We are doing a series this month on the Breville Boss to Go and will be sharing great recipes as well.

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