Water is important for our every day lives as we all know. Finding the best filtration system is equally important because water does not always come out the tap as nature has intended. Unfortunately we all have busy lives, so it usually ends up that we either 1.) Buy water (which increases our carbon footprint due to plastics etc.) or 2.) we just leave it and get stuck with horrible tasting water. We also have the option of installing a weird looking system on our taps, which is not really “on-the-go” ready.

I tried the KURO-Bo water purifying system which is a handcrafted, and sustainable and organic ancient Japanese process of cartridge free filtering that mineralises the water. In less than 15 minutes, you can activate the charcoal the water purification takes up to 6/8 hours and is best left in the fridge over night.

I also used it in conjunction with the hand blown carafe, each one uniquely hand blown that uses 100% recycled glass. These are custom made and produced by a family owned business in Swaziland.”

Read this article for more info on why and how to increase your water intake.

You can buy the KURO-Bo system at R215/stick (excl VAT) which can last up to 3 months. The sticks can either be ordered on the KURO-Bo website, or it can be ordered via Wellness Warehouse or Faithful to Nature.