Our quest for simplifying everything from transport to wireless has led us to the birth of wireless headphones. It is by no means a new term, I remember answering calls with the (then) Motorola unit on my ear (which looked more like an ill-fitting cycling helmet). If you can see me now, you would see I am cringing. But back then, that was really the birthplace of wireless units. Since then times have certainly changed.

I usually use my normal iPhone headphones for training and running, simply because they work well, they don’t fall out, and the sound quality is un-interrupted. Last week I tried out the IFROGZ Summit wireless Bluetooth earbuds for review to feel and experience the difference.



When unpacking the box you will find the following:

  • Three different silicon tips
  • Three different wing sizes to securely lock the buds in place
  • The unit (wireless hub) remote system
  • The charger for the unit (which is a pretty universal type charger)

My first round was on the treadmill and general gym. The fitting was great, the adjustable sized wings and buds make it fit really securely, and they don’t move during training. This is great for running and general sport. I found that the sound was also great for what you pay. The unit comes in at a mere R599. One of its features includes noise-isolation, which means it muffles ambient noise. (If you run on the road you should be wary of dangerous traffic situations you cannot listen out for.)

The operating remote (or wireless hub as it is called) has a magnetic clasp, which you can use to fix the unit onto your clothes. You can also use the magnetic clasp to tie away the extra cabling should you need to do so. You can easily skip a track by pressing the top button and hold, volume up and down, on/off/pause in the middle. Its really a huge plus for me to be able to skip tracks on the unit as apposed to on the source device.

The battery gives you about 10 hours if you keep it at a moderate volume level. It does not really give you a warning when the battery is going flat so you need to try keep track of how many hours you have used, otherwise like me, you will get stuck with no music somewhere along the line.

The IFROGZ is also said to be sweat and water resistant which I have not tested intentionally but I have not had any issues.

Lastly, I found that when the buds are far away from the source of music, there is a disturbance in the sound which is quite distracting and bothersome. This would usually happen if I am training and the source is in the gym bag next to me. It happened less frequently when the source is in closer proximity eg. arm band etc.

The overall verdict is a quality product and value for money and delivered on what was promised.

Black and red options are available.