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Yes I am THAT girl that hopped around on an island in Panama on the first season of survivor South Africa (my claim to fame). Thank goodness I had a modeling career to fall back on because I was left starving and I didn’t win the million bucks!

I am anything but ordinary and I have learned to be ok with it. What drives me is the stuff that I love doing, spending time with good friends, learning from extraordinary people, drinking wine, writing, (did I mention drinking delicious wine?) I love traveling, nature, animals, exercise helping others to achieve their goals gives me a kick, I thoroughly enjoy music that moves me and love looking at and taking pictures that speak to me. I stay slim by following a healthy diet of wine and carrying my massive baby around (not sure how he got that big but he is huge, and very cute) – He is my absolute pinnacle out of everything I have done right so far. (I actually have some real weight loss secrets on The Jog Blog) I also run with my two Jack Russell’s Jesse and James, James is really, lets call it, “big boned”, so I wouldn’t say we run marathons but we at least enjoy it thoroughly. Like all South African’s I also love the odd South African Braai and grew up barefoot playing on dirt roads.

The biggest goal in my life is to enjoy and savor every moment, to be mindful of each and every person and situation in my life and to be the master of my own mind.

What do I do for a living? I have a bit of digital savvy, write a lot, manage projects and initiatives that help promote brands digitally and love a challenge. I am an avid entrepreneur Sport and Sports-development is close to my heart.

I also proudly endorse Futurelife, Garmin, Adidas Eyewear and Cipla Nutrition.

I help where I can do the best with what I have and give it my 110% I am the Glass-Half-Full girl and thank you for supporting The Jog Blog.

You can have a look at my charity projects www.glamouraid.co.za or follow me

and @thejogblog
oh and don’t forget instagram @brigittewillers6[1] - Copy

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