I am one of those girls that really love my bath-time.  It really relaxes me and to me its an “occasion” not just “getting my splash on” and moving along.  I light candles, I play music, I submerge in aroma-therapy, I do basically everything I can (except red-carpets and camera’s) to make it an ultra luxurious and relaxing experience.  I just love it.  So needless to say I have a few things that I love more than anything to make this experience remarkable every time.  One of those things I keep in my cupboard is a @bodyshop scrub and body butter (usually all of them are equally lovely).  I am a firm believer that exfoliating yourself is important not only to look good from the outside but also to feel good.  Body Butter is for after the bath to just feel and smell amazing and obviously feed your skin all those rich natural goodness.  The Body Shop body butter does just that and is an ultra luxurious and fast-absorbing moisturizer which is perfect for summer and winter as it never makes my skin feel to “heavy”.

The Jog Blog - Body Shop Special Adidtion ScrubSpecail Edition Blueberry Body Butter The Jog Blog

The Body Shop have just launched a limited edition blueberry flavor  fragrance (sorry it’s almost confusing as it smells so delicious you almost want to eat it)!  This will be available @Clicks_SA stores nationwide!