So there has been a lot of hype around @SWEAT1000 and now I know why. I braved the traffic and fell into class (literally) 5 minutes late and I knew immediately my thirst for a great workout was going to be satisfied today! Two teams, one team on the treadmill’s (which stays switched on for the duration of the class) the other group doing floor exercises. The aim is to stay moving, burn a hell of a lot of calories and bring you to near death, and strangely enough make it enjoyable all at the same time. I think its safe to say they accomplish all three. The class uses a variety of interval type training to keep the pace going and to keep the calories burning! The class is a great combination of strength training, fitness, core and mobility and also includes stretching at the end.

Lunges for lower body and upper body combined maximizes the workout you get for the time you spend!
Even a bit of wood chopping!

I really loved the fact that the class is high energy and there is really no slacking! The instructor is actually behind you with a whip all the time checking what you are doing and driving you to do more. Yes they actually care, and no, there is no real whip in the class, it was not that kind of a party!


So three intervals of sprinting, climbing, medicine-ball-swinging, sit-ups, pushups, lunges, more sprinting, jumping jacking, squatting and a variety of all of the above combined, I can say that I officially love SWEAT1000! I would really recommend it if you are someone that needs to be driven, someone that wants to lose a lot of weight fast and especially if you get bored quickly with your regular training.

One team on the floor and another on the treadmills BEST for interval training

I would also like to recommend that you get your heart checked before you enroll because this work out is not for the faint hearted!  The good news is there is a beginners class so you can work your way up the ranks!

And also in the class kicking some serious calorie-ass was the gorg and fit girls and guys @BaileySchneider @LeighAnne_will @DJMixi @__4Elements__  and last but not least @bjornsteinbach hats off to all of them!

I loved it! Five stars and it was totally worth getting the parking ticket in the end!


And we survived!

Thank you  @ConcettaRothsch @SWEAT1000 @SWEATPOINT @paulsweat1000