I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people but I feel that some stand out a little bit more from others.  I’m sure that most will agree that Edith Venter is one of these people and I am blessed to count her as one of my very dear friends.  I would like to share with you just a little bit about this classic beauty, business women and amazing mother’s secrets to health, balanced life and of course her “out of this world” LEMON MERINGUE PIE

1.      First and foremost is how do you stay so youthful  please give us your 5 top health and beauty tips!

–  I think the big tip is to enjoy doing what you do and be passionate about it this way you look forward to waking up and seeing what the day holds for you –  I drink a lot of green tea and enjoy a plate of fruit every morning –  Take care of yourself – it is the only face and body you will ever have so you need to maintain it –  As a woman I always encourage other woman to make sure they have their mammograms and bone density scans every year –  Enjoy life – whatever it throws at you – it shows in your personality and how you approach the people in your life Hug someone every day

2.      What role does a healthy eating plan play in your family life?

I don’t get neurotic about it but I do believe that everything in moderation is good for you – I don’t believe in silly dieting I think that if you are mindful of what and how much you eat, you needn’t cut out that delicious piece of chocolate cake and glass of champagne – as long as you don’t do it every dayJ

3.      Do you follow a exercise plan?  How many times a week do you train and what do you do?

I love going to gym 3 to 4 times a week – I only train on the PowerPlate with a trainer and we do a hectic workout – we also do boxing once a week – absolutely love it (picture taken yesterday 13 July at Edith’s birthday The Palazzo Hotel by Heather from McCann photograpy )

4.      Do or did you do any athletics or play any sport?

I don’t do anything else from a sport point of view – I do make sure that I walk up stairs and stay mobile and fit

5.      What is your favorite sport to watch and what do you like about it?

Hard to choose – I would say my first choice is cricket because I grew up in a cricket-mad family / then it would be rugby and football (because my husband is a crazy Manchester United supporter so we often go over to watch them play)

6.      If you could choose one sports Personality who would you choose and why?

Local – Victor Matfield – I think he is a gentle giant and every time I have met him he is a total gentleman International – Messi (plays for Barcelona and Argentina) – I love his respect on the field and he never has tantrums like so many of his fellow players 7.      As a woman what is your perspective on a balanced lifestyle?

I call it “me” time – you have to make time for yourself – whether it is an hour a week or whatever to go and have a massage or a long walk without any cellphones or people worrying you.    If you don’t recharge your own batteries you cannot give the best of yourself to anyone.   Also you have to make time for the family in your life – your partner and children – otherwise you will run into trouble

8.      Everyone has a cheat day and even though we would never think that you ever have one, what is your secret indulgence?

My biggest cheat is Cadbury’s Whole Nut chocolate – can never just have a piece but need to eat the whole slab.   Fortunately, I don’t do this every day but when I do – I definitely do it properlyJ

9.      Living in South Africa is such a blessing we spend a lot of time out doors, what is your favorite activity when you embrace the out doors and what do you use to protect yourself from the environment?

My favourite “outdoors” is the bush – I love nothing better that escaping to my favourite place, Thornybush – it is where I married Johnny and it holds so many special memories for me.   A weekend there is like a month anywhere else.   As I have grown older, I do realise that sunblock is a must and I always wear a hat when I can.    We have a vicious sun and the damage can be very harmful

10.  What is your view on sun protection did you ever spend a lot of time in the sun without protection?  What do you advise to recover from a sunburn?

Michael, @brigittewillers and Edit Venter

My view is as in question 9.   To add to that, as a young girl, I used to lie in the sun without any protection because that was what happened in those days – fortunately I realised early that this was not good and now look after my skin and am very careful with the sun. 11.  When we think back our parents used to believe in all sorts of home remedies for various health, fitness and beauty related issues.  Did you believe in any of these, do you have a couple you can share?

@rodders79 @brigittewillers Edith Venter And Johnny

That was the way we were brought up – we were not taken to the doctor for every sniffle – my mom had her remedies and they worked.   I believe very much in the natural way of sorting things out and they have worked well for me.    I can count the number of times I have taken antibiotics and I very seldom go to the doctor.    Vitamins and natural medications work wonders Please have a look at the Dining With Celebs page for EDITH’s AMAZING LEMON MERINGUE PIE