I am generally a big fan of anything that helps you eat better especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Needless to say I was very excited when I had the opportunity to test drive the NutriBullet. I spent about a week drinking two to three “Nutriblast” smoothies a day and this is the lowdown;

When you unpack the box you will find two smaller cups one with a handle one without, a larger cup and the motorised unit(body) as well as two power-blades one for milling and one for blending. Two of the cups come with a screw on stay fresh lid and a removable screw on handle whilst the other cup has a standard handle to make your juice/smoothie even easier to drink right after blending. Convenience has really been taken into account with the design of this product.

How It Works

The concept is that normal juicers extract the juice of the fruit/vegetable and gets rid of the skin/pips of the plant which is the most nutritious part in most cases. The NutriBullet uses the whole fruit/plant and makes the nutrients available for digestion due to the powerful motor and blade which liquifies even the seeds of grapes and watermelon for example. Building the perfect NutriBlast smoothie works on a standard ratio of 50% greens, 50% fruit and about two/tree table spoons of what they call a “booster” this can be any of the super foods like goji berries, Flax Seeds, Almonds etc. to read more about super foods here. Its also important to fill the mixing cup with water enough to cover all the ingredients and some ice to make sure your drink is nice and chilled.

The milling blade can be used to mill seeds and grains for all sorts of uses like sprinkling over cereal or in my case making an amazing face mask using Honey, Oats, Yoghurt and Lemon read more here.


The pack comes with a very informative book with many recipes, nutritional information as well as an eating plan. I have found so many recipes which I loved ranging from detox to inflammation cures to Vitamin C for flu and the list just carries on. I have also build my own with the fruits and veg I love the most and have really enjoyed the product a lot as its quite flexible.

What I love about the product

  • Super easy to clean – no actually its unbelievable
  • Makes it easy to incorporate 6 helpings of raw fruit and veg into your diet
  • The unit is relatively affordable
  • Uses whole fruit and veg to get maximum out of the juice/smoothie
  • Perfect snack for in-between meals
  • Increases fibre intake
  • Small and compact
  • Clever design, with the dome easily converting into a storage unit or cup to drink from
  • The juice keeps you full really long and makes you eat less during mealtimes. I can really see how this product can assist with weight-loss

Whats not so great

  • Ingredients can work out quite expensively especially the superfood. (these days thats all I seem to be buying is super-duper-food for my NutriBullet #obsessed
  • If you are someone who struggle with vegetables it will take a bit of getting used to but once you are you will be hooked.
  • I am concerned at the amount of fruit that I actually consume as I get a bit carried away with making smoothies and might be overdoing the carbohydrates a bit so one should just keep an eye on that. My overall verdict is that the product is really something I would recommend to anyone who wants to lose a bit of weight or who just want to be healthier in general.IMG_2427 WIN!!!!You too can stand a chance to win this month simply by sharing this article and telling us what you like the most about the NutriBullet.  Winner will be announced on the 7th of September 2015.  Watch the Video below and see how simple it is.

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Yours in health xx BW