As most of you know, after 9 years Rod and I are finally getting married.  It has been a special and eventful journey.  We have made another little human and adopted 3 dogs as well so it’s not just the two of us but we are a family of 6 (including the fur children).  Our journey, even though it was never done the traditional way, you know “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage”, but was put together how it was always supposed to be, with a lot of love, patience, sometimes too little patience, and a lot of fun and laughter…. Not perfect, but close enough.

About three years ago, after Rod tested the waters a couple of times and failed, I took Rod to a romantic restaurant and asked him to marry me.  He must have thought I did that because I am a hopeless romantic but alas, I only did that because I wanted to decide on my own ring, (only kidding calm down).  The right thing just always happens at the right time, I believe.  He was (obviously) over the moon and the rest is history.

I do have a very unique taste in what I wanted to do with my ring, some would say full of nonsense (but what do they know) And so, the Journey of my Diamond started.

Finding the perfect stone is not something I have ever done before but I had to start somewhere. The Diamond Works, was my obvious go-to.   In this somewhat intimidating diamond space I found myself in, from the first moment I walked through the doors at The Diamond Works in Walter Sisulu Avenue, I was right at home.   When I left I was basically on first name base with the whole team.   They have treated me with the greatest kindness and passion in their work that is something you don’t see in this day and age.  And all the bubbly was amazing too!

I didn’t know much about diamond shapes, colour, grading, blemishes or anything for that matter.  I have learned so many things.  After my first consultation I immediately managed to secure the most beautiful cushion cut diamond that any girl could dream of.  The jewellery maker, Russell Lavigne, consulted with me on my design inspirations (vintage) and along with the designers came up with my perfect ring.  I was never someone to follow fashion or what was current.  I wanted something that was timeless and elegant and more importantly, me.

There were quite a few factors I needed to consider in the design process such as; I have quite long skinny fingers, I work a lot with my hands, I am very physically active etc.  Personal things that never even crossed my mind, such as two separate rings which I could give to my children should I have another boy or girl, and to make the rings fit neatly into each other so that they don’t bother me (suggested by Aimee Lenz who works as head of Marketing at The Diamond Works).  This meant to me, that they really actually care.  Not just aesthetically for the jewellery to look good, but also, they actually cared about all the small things too.  That’s special.  Almost as special as the outcome of the ring in the end.  It sounds weird I know, but when I opened the box and I saw my ring for the first time, it made me so incredibly happy and proud.  Not only because of the rings look and outcome, but also because I have put so much heart and soul into it, the meaning, and how it will fit into my life and my family’s life.

Russell Making sure the sizes are perfect
The Moment

One day it will be on a beautiful young lady’s hand.  One who will make Sammy very happy and a new journey will start.

My Vintage Dream

Thank you, Diamond Works, for this amazing memory of creating my dream ring and for the great new friendships that were formed during this time.