What I like about the watch is;

  • Beginner friendly
  • Packed with key features and information for new athletes
  • Looks cool nice colors unlike the old boring black grey bleh colors available in sporty green, pink, and a slightly larger black model with red accents.
  • Only have to push one button and run – no brain-surgery knowledge required
  • Keeps you motivated and educated. It even congratulates you after your run I like that! (need more products like that thats for sure)

Features Include;

  • How far you have run
  • How fast you have run
  • How many calories you have burned
  • keeps you up to date with your goals
  • Great beginners tool
  • New Virtual Pacer™ tells you if you are running too fast or too slow
  • Guides you with a run/walk plan if you are a newby and not sure what is going on (whoa no more running lamp pole to lamp pole)
  • Keeps your data you can upload data to Garmin Connect and share it with the online global fitness community creating your own shapable profile! (really cool to monitor progress)
  • Water-resistant (up to 50m)
  • Lighter than any other Garmin watch
  • Forerunner 10 is armed with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that quickly acquires and sustains satellite reception in challenging conditions

Visit the Garmin website for more details here: www.garmin.co.za/onto-fitness.php To see the Forerunner 10 in action go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj7z6x9jRug