Tired of counting laps? Garmin South Africa have announced the launch of the new Garmin Swim. This product promises to do the math for you, and I for one, am definitely one for convenience! It’s the only pool swimming watch that logs your distance, pace stroke count, stroke type, laps completed and includes free wireless online analysis, storage and sharing at Garmin Connect (www.connect.garmin.com). All you have to do is strap it on and tell it what size the pool is and voila!

Garmin Swim also includes features; Timed intervals and Logging drills, it can gauge your swimming efficiency or (SWOLF) making it ideal for lap swimmers of all levels. To help you stay motivated, the Garmin Swim displays your accumulated weekly swimming distance under the time of day so you always have a constant reminder of your progress.

The Garmin Swim has a very slim profile which helps with cutting through the water and is quite stylish so it definitely wont drag you down or into the pool. It also has all the nitty gritty’s eg. Time 12/24 hour timing, daily alarm date/day Calendar and powered by a user-replaceable battery that lasts one year with typical use. I love this product and giving it a two thumbs up!